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A Quick List...

By Leonied
Late to the party I know but... I thought I would quickly to this before afternoon running around commences!
A quick list...
Making: losts of lists!
Cooking: vege, lentil and bacon soup for dinner
Drinking : coffeeeee
Reading:  work emails...
Wanting:  to comfort friends in pain
Looking:  for the perfect pink fabric to sash the sampler blocks for A's quilt...
Playing: Matt Corby & Caylus
Wasting: time by being indecisive... 
Sewing:  birds
Wishing: for more hours in a day
Enjoying:  our new backyard
Waiting:  for some big news
Liking:  that spring is in the air
Wondering:  if A found her missing school jumperA quick list...
Loving:  my little one pulling off bright yellow sunniesHoping:  for a fun family outing over the weekend
Marvelling:  at long it's taken to complete this list...
Needing: a biscuit
Smelling:  rain in the air
Wearing: my mommy outfit - jeans, top and comfy shoes
Following:  tricky four and two year old conversations
Noticing: blossoms everywhere
Knowing:  I will be cutting out paper pieces, fabric and do some crochet before the day is out
Thinking: about Christmas gifts
Bookmarking:  craft ideas on Pinterest
Opening: happy fabric mail
Giggling: at funny work-colleagues
Feeling: like I've achieved quite a lot today!A quick list...Where are you at?Hope you're having a happy humpday!L xx

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