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I Dream A Dream That Won’t Let Me Sleep

By Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

I dream a dream

And with that, you can guess that my second novel is almost ready. A whole new dream, a whole new bunch of hopes and wishes. And a renewed stream of doubts and fears. Have I made it as good as I can? I have not left out any glaring inconsistency, have I? Are the characters believable? Are the characters true to themselves? Is the plot right? Is it any good? Will the readers like it? Will the readers agree to what I’m trying to say in it? Is that, is this, have I…? The questions are just endless. But the answers mostly hidden in the time-chest of the future.

An yet, no matter how terrifying and anxiety ridden it maybe to create a novel, it is always wonderful to have written it. It is always wonderful to read your own words and have the moment of ‘Wow! How did I manage to write that?’ And above all, it is always wonderful to know that you have worked hard, really hard, and done your best to create something beautiful.

And so, the dream continues…

Most people think that there are either good dreams, or bad dreams which are called nightmares. But you know what? Seen by wakeful eyes, a pleasant dream  can be as terrifying as a nightmare  sometimes. And a nightmare just a passage to a delight greater than a pleasant dream. May it be so for me too! Because I’m surely passing through a nightmarish churning of hopes and fears right now.

Copyright 2013 Jyoti Arora


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