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Keeping My Attitude in Check…

By Jenrene

BE STILLWhen I sat down to write today,  I really thought another title was  coming to the page. Nonetheless, I find that I am writing about this.

Keeping my attitude in check.

Wow.. so, where do I begin? I guess it begins with me acknowledging I have one. I  have a hard time  telling people I have an attitude with them, because usually when I do have one, it’s because I am not willing to look at something I have to own up to.

If have to own something  like  a “bad attitude”, then it means that  I have to take a closer look at myself. And that’s not always comfortable, nor convenient.

Interestingly enough, I looked up the definition of attitude, and found it meant: a mental  out look.

Wow… like how  revealing is that.. that we  have a mental outlook and it comes out of our very pores and everyone can see it.  Now, mind you, all attitudes don’t necessarily have to be bad. There are good ones, too.

I get the kind of attitudes usually that keep me thinking about my character, and my sense of integrity and my ways of being and doing call for more introspection.

So yes… being still calls for me to some times take considerable introspection and  consider my ways.  So like the picture says above:    ” the  quieter you become, the more you can hear.” So true.

I like being still.  Maybe because I am an introvert, I dunno. But maybe I just get a kick of the fact that the God of the Universe decide to be in communication with bettering my soul. I don’t like what it takes for me to always look inside, because then I have to change or adjust who I am.  Yet the good side is, I get to grow. Then I consider  and take a look at those around me and ask how they deal with something like what I seem to be challenged by. especially if they already seem to have what I am looking for. It helps , because they offer perspective. But mostly, I try to  adjust and pray for what I need, by asking and listening  ( in prayer), to what God says I need.

Who now what you need more than God?  I mean, after all, He made you. Why not listen to the Creator’s perspective?

I’m just saying…

So there it is…  keeping your attitude in check involves:

1.  Acknowledging you have an attitude.

2. Being still.

And lastly, no,  ( this  one is next…)

3. Being honest with yourself. (Oh Jen, ,,, really!? Why”d you have to go there!)

Honesty involves   ( get this…) goodness, openness and self respect- the end result: confidence. Isn’t that cool?  

    How do I know? (I looked up honesty… it’s  right in the definition!

4. Being willing to  shift your attitude   for all the RIGHT REASONS.

I know, right? What’s that?

Well, it involves letting go of our pride and the way we want things to go, and instead  focusing on the way things can go that are best for someone else, besides YOU. Yes,  indeed.  Doing what is right is often considered by what’s best for someone else’s benefit, before you consider your own. Its called redemption. Saving your self at someone else’s expense. Totally not the way of the world, but sometimes necessary for change to come about. Anything that has a redeeming quality or nature, helps you to be a better person. And that, my loves - is the secret to peaceful living. When you can make amends with others at the expense of saving yourself in the process. I have been given this gift by some really humble people in my life. and boy, does it look beautiful on them!

Not saying it’s easy.. just saying it’s beautiful on them.

Hmmm… I think that’s enough for tonight. 

 But give it some thought… it might change things.

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