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  • Wordpress v Blogger...Simples

    Wordpress Blogger...Simples

    Now I will admit that even by my standards, an apology for tardiness is well overdue.The thing is I've just come back from the dark side; I have been dabbling... Read more

    The 10 December 2012 by   Karl
  • Indie Monday: New YA Release "Sky"

    Indie Monday: Release "Sky"

    Happy Indie Monday! It's Christmastime already (I can't believe the year flew by so quickly!), and to kick off the holiday season I've got Roy Palmer, the autho... Read more

    The 03 December 2012 by   Selane
  • A Girl in Red Coat

    Girl Coat

    ImageOn a chilly December nightA girl strode out to find some solaceShe covered herself in white and warmAs the mist and chill clung to her faceAs she strode... Read more

    The 19 December 2012 by   Chhavivatwani
  • Pattern for Fiona’s Hair

    Pattern Fiona’s Hair

    So this is the pattern for Fiona’s hair…it’s not much of a pattern and will probably be super hard to follow, but it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s a cartoon... Read more

    The 16 December 2012 by   Afamiliarillusion
  • Hannah & Jarred Are Married! // Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

    Hannah Jarred Married! Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

    Hannah and Jarred originally met at a bonfire, and their love for the outdoors has continued into their love story. They love spending time together outdoors... Read more

    The 07 December 2012 by   Scarlettandstephen
  • Marty’s Holy Vigil

    Marty’s Holy Vigil

    ‘Member when John Lennon said The Beatles were more popular than Jesus?  That’s the same formula to apply towards Marty’s excitement level for The Hobbit ticket... Read more

    The 14 December 2012 by   Shewritesalittle
  • Vintage 1948 Mt. St Helens ~ Before She Blew

    Vintage 1948 Helens Before Blew

    WELCOMING WINTER 2013 I have a fondness for Winter.  I especially love how the moon dips below my roof painting the bedroom in cold yellow light as the naked... Read more

    The 27 December 2012 by   Belladaze
  • Cutscene Part 1: The Teachers

    Cutscene Part Teachers

    This is what I like to call a cutscene post. These will come along in the blog every couple of posts or so and essentially they are posts about an interesting... Read more

    The 08 December 2012 by   Julian_inja
  • Santa Sightings in Midtown Manhattan

    Santa Sightings Midtown Manhattan

    had I not previously read about santa con over at new york portraits, I would have had absolutely no idea what was going on saturday afternoon in midtown... Read more

    The 17 December 2012 by   Lily Hydrangea
  • Do (1)

    Her grip faltered and her nails were scraped right down to her fingertips as she desperately tried to keep Fos from pulling her any further from the doorway. Read more

    The 02 December 2012 by   Bvulcanius


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