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The Bitch Hit Me with a Toaster!

By Ashleylister @ashleylister

The bitch hit me with a toaster!Upon inspection of my kitchen, I found an abundance of spirits of the past (3 year old Advocaat and empty bottles) and spirits of the future (desire for spirits) but only one spirit of the present (Whisky).  Given this sorrowful state of affairs, I have decided to use an imaginary alchemical procedure to conjure up a whimsical collection of Christmas Spirits.  I say whimsical, some of these concoctions are quite terrifying; imagine waking to find the Eggnog Gnome sitting on your pillow.  It's also a possibility that this list is not made up but is in fact an accurate representation of what passes for humanity in Talbot Square on New Year's Eve. 
The only way you will know the truth is by printing this list and taking it to a bar.  Buy a measure of everything on the list and drink your way to the end.  When you get out of hospital, please share your findings using the comments form below.
Festive Spirits
Amaretto Angel Baileys BansheeBeer Boggarts  Benedictine BugbearBrandy BrownieCampari Cockatrice Cider SirenCointreau Cu Sith Creme de menthe Chimaera
Drambuie DragonEggnog GnomesGin Grim Grand Marnier GremlinLager Lubber Fiend Mead MagogMezcal Mermaid Port Poltergeist Rum RevenantTequila TrollSake Seko Sangria SatyrStout CyclopsOuzo UndeadUnicum UnicornVermouth Valkyrie  Vodka VampireWhisky Will-o'-the-WispWine WyrmAbsinthe Fairy 

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