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Dean & Trent Store Interiors (hypothetical).

By Autoplagiarist @iRafMejia
This is something I've been itching to do since I got the layout software. A coupla years ago I did a very, very, very brief internship at Dean & Trent (DT). I probably got the internship at the wrong time because then, I needed a real working job. I had to quit abruptly to give way to money making ventures. lol Nonetheless, the internship opened my eyes to what goes on behind the production of ready-to--wear garments.
I remember the owner looking for interior designers to design a store interior for DT. I thought I'd give it a try, and here it is. This is just a mock design though--if I were to design, like the title says.
Here's the floor plan of a sample DT boutique store.
Starting from the leftmost top: the store manager's office, the white hollow boxes are the stocks storage spaces, the pantry (with the red wall), the washroom (with charcoal gray beehive tile patterns, sorry Bizzazza. JK). On the store area: three cubicles for the fiiting room, the cashiers' stations, poles for hanging clothes, movable shelves, and the white platforms at the corner store is the display area (either for mannequins or whatever).
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).Rightmost corner of the store with the metal poles where clothes will be hanged and some of the movable metal furnishings where garments may be displayed. Panel wood flooring and wall to create a kind of home-y ambiance. I decided not to add a DT signage on the wall so that if there's an event, the wood paneled wall can be used as backdrop.
Leftmost side of the store with the metal poles and movable metal furnishings. (Add display shelves as needed.) The white part are for mannequins of displaying the season's new designs. I decided to put those metal poles against the windows so that passers-by may see the kind of clothes that DT offers.
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).Three cubicles for the fitting rooms with mirrors. They will be covered by a long dark red fabric hanging from the metal pole on the top of each fitting room.
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).The cashiers' area with the white DT signage against a charcoal gray background. A total of only two (2) POS machines will be installed in this area.
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).The employees' pantry (the one with the red wall) where two (2) stools will be supplied. And a washroom (toilet bowl, sink, and faucet not seen) tile with charcoal gray beehive tiles. Also seen in the picture is the store's back entrance---for deliveries.
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).The white cabinets are storage area for stocks and the gray cabinets below are employee lockers.
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).The lined cabinets lead to the store manager's office.
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).Where there are two installed tables and cabinets. Two stools will be provided for seating.
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).And one window, looking outside the store.
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).A window on the door looks outside; exposing the storage area, washroom, and pantry.
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).I decided to use charcoal gray and not black because the black may be too extreme to use as a color palette for a store. Plus, greys are by nature elegant and classy--next to black and gold. Used a kind of bloody red to contrast with the gray. And used wood panels for the home-y and grounded interior. Plus, I associate wood panels with DT, somehow. Oh and the facade walkway is made of charcoal gray granite stone or something. hehe
DEAN & TRENT STORE INTERIORS (HYPOTHETICAL).The layout and interior is really very basic and simple because I see DT clothes as straightforward, simple, and yet makes an impact on a man's style.
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