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Robert Kraft Trying Blame Welker’s Agent Reason Left England…And That’s Lame. Paperblog Pick in Sports

Robert Kraft Is Trying To Blame Welker’s Agent As The Reason He Left New England…And That’s Lame.

Via ESPN: ”New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was unusually revealing Monday in lamenting receiver Wes Welker’s defection to the Denver Broncos, saying the team wanted the... Read more

Human Drama Athletic Competition Paperblog Pick in Sports

The Human Drama of Athletic Competition

How many times have I answered a version of the question, put to Woody Allen by his exasperated former love interest in Annie Hall, "What is so interesting about watching a... Read more


  • “Weird” Tennis Rules: When Is Your Hat A Hindrance?

    “Weird” Tennis Rules: When Your Hindrance?

    Well, this happened to me last week. I was playing a doubles match and in the middle of a point, my hat blew off. We continued playing the point which our... Read more

    The 06 March 2013 by   Kselz
  • I Want Safe Cycling – 3 FEET LAW in the Philippines PLEASE!

    Want Safe Cycling FEET Philippines PLEASE!

    I wish that our law makers in our country will pass a law like this for the safety of bicyclists or cyclists. I know that safety first is everyone’s concern... Read more

    The 28 March 2013 by   Thesilentpal
  • Dirt Bike Fun!!!

    Dirt Bike Fun!!!

    I had the opportunity to take some photographs of some dirt biking! As soon as I got to the track I could feel the testosterone in the air, it was fantastic.... Read more

    The 03 March 2013 by   Littlemissliza
  • Spray Charts for Pitchers

    Spray Charts Pitchers

    At the high school level and above, charting hitters in the form of “spray charts” is pretty common. A spray chart is typically created for every hitter an... Read more

    The 27 March 2013 by   Meachrm
  • The Road Best Traveled: 30 Miles Without a Stoplight

    Road Best Traveled: Miles Without Stoplight

    BC&H; will be on international hiatus from March 21-April 6, but I’ll look forward to catching up with everyone’s running exploits when I return. Read more

    The 21 March 2013 by   Sohaskey
  • Spring Running and the Resurrection

    Spring Running Resurrection

    Happy Easter! The Easter bunny is a hard sell, much harder than Santa, yet the good bunny will be visiting our house this year.Easter is the promise of rebirth. Read more

    The 28 March 2013 by   Xmarkm
  • How to REALLY Get a 6-pack!

    REALLY 6-pack!

    I think the abdominals are the most talked about part of the body. Whether its women who want a flat stomach, with some tone, or a guy wanting a cut 6-pack,... Read more

    The 10 March 2013 by   Greggers254
  • Football Shorts – Did You Miss Me?

    Football Shorts Miss

    Velez Sarsfield Fans In Trouble Yet more South American crowd trouble! The Argentinean giants will play without their fans in the remainder of their away games... Read more

    The 12 March 2013 by   Stizzard
  • Homemade Anti-Aging & Anti Cellulite Scrub Bars

    Homemade Anti-Aging Anti Cellulite Scrub Bars

    Hello my Sweeties, It’s been a while since I’ve made a beauty post, it was definitely due.  I’m gonna start making more of these homemade cosmetics posts,... Read more

    The 20 March 2013 by   Tatiannalovingfit
  • HABAGAT EARTH HOUR RIDE 2013 [03.23.2013] Marikina City

    HABAGAT EARTH HOUR RIDE 2013 [03.23.2013] Marikina City

    HABAGAT EARTH HOUR RIDE March 23, 2013 Assembly Time: 6:00PM Ride-out: 7:00PMHABAGAT EARTH HOUR RIDE ROUTE: Marikina City Hall, McDonald’s Ave., Sumulong... Read more

    The 04 March 2013 by   Thesilentpal