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TRUE Linkswear - Phx

By Eatsleepgolf @eatsleepgolf
TRUE linkswear - phx
TRUE linkswear is a brand that we've followed since their conception, and they continue to bring style and creativity to golf footwear that I simply can't get enough of. As one of the first companies to incorporate the built in soft spikes into their shoes, TRUE linkswear has been a driving force in the market shift away from the rigid/uncomfortable golf shoe and towards the casual/comfortable golf shoe.
TRUE linkswear - phx I continue to be impressed with the intuition of TRUE linkswear and their ability to understand the current and future golf trends.  The 2013 lineup (including the phx seen here) is truly remarkable, including updates to past styles as well as the introduction of several new designs.  It's no wonder PGA Tour players like Ryan Moore wear and endorse these shoes.
Here are just a few of the features that separates TRUE linkswear from their competitors:
Zero Drop: What this means is that your heel and forefoot are the same distance off the ground.  This encourages a natural walking stride along with better posture and body alignment during the swing.
Wide Toe Box: A wide toe box is vital in promoting natural body motion because it allows your feet and toes to function ergonomically in the shoe while providing a more stable platform for your swing.
Ground Proximity: Among all shoes played on Tour, the TRUE barefoot platform is the closest to the ground at less than 10mm off the grass compared to an industry average of 22mm.
Feel: The TRUE barefoot platforms are designed to enable the sensitive receptors in your foot to enhance your golf experience.  Whether it is reading a subtle break in the green, feeling the density of the sand beneath your feet in a bunker or simply feeling each step along the short grass of the fairway, TRUE barefoot plafroms will allow you to 'Feel the Course' like never before.
I can't say enough good things about this brand and the products that they continue to produce.  I personally wore TRUE linkswear for every round I played in 2012, and I look forward to continuing that trend throughout 2013.  I'm not kidding when I say, these shoes are so comfortable, I prefer them over my sneakers.
Check out the rest of the TRUE linkswear lineup on their website ( and connect with them on Facebook ( and/or Twitter (@truelinkswear).
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TRUE linkswear is a company of passionate golfers who, through hard work and countless iterations, created a ground-breaking minimalist golf shoe that allows the golfer to truly feel the course.
Our company breathes the game and everyone who works at TRUE loves to play and test product. In fact, Product testing is part of every job description. We all enjoy walking fairways with friends, sharing stories, knocking down pins and being outdoors.
In 2013 we will be taking our game to another level with updates to the Ergo-Traction barefoot platform as we launch the ninja and sensei outsoles. The tour and stealth uppers have been updated and we have new products in the TRUE jade, TRUE sensei, TRUE proto and TRUE chukka models.
Our guarantee to all of our TRUE friends is that we will continuously strive to make our shoes even better and better.
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This article was written by Scott Stevens from Eat Sleep Golf as part of our series 'Product Reviews' where we shine light on new and innovative products, brands and solutions within the golf industry.  Please feel free to comment below or continue the conversation with us on Facebook ( and/or Twitter (@EatSleepGolf)

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