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Stealing First-move (Part Paperblog Pick in Baseball

Stealing on First-move (Part 3)

There’s a lot going on with this simple steal attempt of second baseThis is the final post in a three part series on stealing first-move on a left-handed pitcher. Read more


  • Ken Burns’s Baseball: The Seventh Inning

    Burns’s Baseball: Seventh Inning

    The Seventh Inning of Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns takes us into the 1950s in America.  Subtitled “The Capital of Baseball,” this installment of the documentar... Read more

    The 06 December 2017 by   Precious Sanders
  • Pinch-Hitting for Me on Tuesday

    Pinch-Hitting Tuesday

    Trivia will be happening on Tuesday night, December 5th, at 8:30 PM at Professor Thom’s, and as many of you know, I’ll be away on assignment this week and will... Read more

    The 04 December 2017 by   Theomnipotentq
  • Major League Baseball 2K11

    Major League Baseball 2K11

    In a fit of wanting to rid myself of superfluous crap and to, hopefully, make a little extra cash while I’m at it, I decided this weekend to sell my Nintendo... Read more

    The 04 December 2017 by   Precious Sanders