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Winter Golf

By Eatsleepgolf @eatsleepgolf
Winter Golf
Growing up in Canada, I'm no stranger to having to endure lengthy off seasons.  With snow covered fairways, I've often had to resort to visiting indoor driving ranges and/or hitting up the local golf simulator lounge to help me day dream of warmer climates.   I've also heard of some, braver than myself, who take the off season to whole new levels, endure the elements and play golf in the snow.
We looked at winter golf a little closer a while back in our article 'Not for fair weather golfers', which explored the Winter Ice Golf Championship, taking place in Northern Greenland.  Since then we've also been introduced to other winter golf events, including the Eskimo Open, an annual tradition at Cog Hill which has been going on since 1966.
Earlier this week I was also introduced to a company called non fairway; they've launched the promo video (below) which clearly shows they won't back down from old man winter...

Although it does look like a lot of fun, I for one am thankful that the temperatures in my area are on the rise and that golf season is right around the corner.  Wherever you're located, hit it long, have fun, and try to keep it on the short grass (or the packed snow).

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