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Farewell Jermain, Enjoy Bournemouth. ‘Came Footballer, Leaves Man’ Paperblog Pick in Sports

Farewell Jermain, Enjoy Bournemouth. ‘Came as a Footballer, Leaves as a Man’

The breathtaking decision taking to allow Jermain Defoe to leave on a free transfer – whoever signed that contract should be strung up – has had its logical consequence: he has... Read more

Here’s “Scent-sational” All-Natural Spray Keep Those Pesky Mosquitoes Away! Paperblog Pick in Sports

Here’s A “Scent-sational” DIY All-Natural Bug Spray To Keep Those Pesky Mosquitoes Away!

Our friends at Popsugar have SO many awesome life hacks for us tennis players. Thank you to Sarah Lipoff for her fabulous recipe for an all-natural bug repellent that smells as goo... Read more