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  • Simple Workouts to Have a Great Back

    Simple Workouts Have Great Back

    Every men and women dreams a nice toned body and wants to show off their shaped body. Additionally, a great back is an asset for every man and women. Read more

    The 26 March 2014 by   Health_news
  • I'm Loving - Simple Dinners, Warmer Weather, Oatmeal, Lots Of Walking, & New...

    Loving Simple Dinners, Warmer Weather, Oatmeal, Lots Walking, Video Projects!

    Hello There, I hope you are having a great day! I just finished a wonderful walk around the neighborhood in the beautiful sunshine and it got me thinking about... Read more

    The 27 March 2014 by   Laurenegeorge
  • Interesting Ways to Find Joy in Your Life

    Interesting Ways Find Your Life

    In today’s stressful life, it is very important to find a joy and be happy. Everyone wants to be happy. To overcome the problems in life such as depression,... Read more

    The 17 March 2014 by   Health_news
  • Love Your Children Deeply

    Love Your Children Deeply

    “There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” Jackie Kennedy “There are times as a parent when you realize that... Read more

    The 24 March 2014 by   Darcsunshine
  • 7 Things to See When Biking in Ireland

    Things When Biking Ireland

    One of the best – and healthiest – ways to explore Ireland’s historic attractions—both natural and manmade—is bicycling around to see it all. Read more

    The 25 March 2014 by   Healthytravelblog
  • 7 Tips to Help You Lose Weight Quickly

    Tips Help Lose Weight Quickly

    There is a major setback in the process of loss weight, especially after you begin. The beginning enthusiasm makes you hold up for two weeks or less, then you... Read more

    The 30 March 2014 by   Moamen Enoo
  • Springtime in Florida and Neroli… My Favorite Soul Medicine

    Springtime Florida Neroli… Favorite Soul Medicine

    Springtime is my favorite time of year in Florida…not just because of the gorgeous weather, but for the hypnotic and beautiful aromas of orange blossoms... Read more

    The 31 March 2014 by   Yellowstar2000
  • A Letter to My 40 Year Old Self

    Letter Year Self

    Dear...well me...I am writing this on my 30th birthday (when I say my, I mean our) as a reminder of the journey we've taken and of things I hope to have changed... Read more

    The 13 March 2014 by   Cass
  • Share Your Story to Help Others and Ourselves

    Share Your Story Help Others Ourselves

    Sharing our lives with others can put us in a vulnerable place. Yet, it can be a reminder to others that anything is possible. Read more

    The 30 March 2014 by   Darcsunshine
  • Weekly Workout Schedule.

    Weekly Workout Schedule.

    Hey friends, I bet you never thought I would get my schedule up today.. My computer has been super slow the past month and finally it was just unworkable, so I... Read more

    The 31 March 2014 by   Heather Murphy