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Pairing of the Week: Gingerbread and Meursault

By Nancykerschen

The holidays suck when you work at a restaurant. As much as I do love Christmas music and festive decorations, and I do, it’s just impossible to get into the holiday spirit whenPairing of the Week: Gingerbread and Meursault you’re working your ass off 6 nights a week for those who are merrily on vacation. While the tips are generally more generous and the clients are jolly as can be, I prefer to have the time off, too, than to make those few extra dollars.  There are a lot of people who disagree with me, they love the extra hours. But I know my limits and how much I can handle at a restaurant before burning out and during the holiday season,  my limits are maxed out. So what to do in the short term to save myself from going over the edge? I dream about wine pairings and make them happen. Being Christmas-time, there’s a particular pairing that I’ve been fixated on the past few weeks and eager to test out….

Gingerbread and Meursault

It seems like an odd couple , gingerbread cookies and houses are kind of kitschy and Meursaults are fairly refined. The nuttiness, nutmeg, and allspice in both match up well, but what really makes this pairing fantastic is the acidity in the Meursault that lightens up the whole situation with a little breakdancing on the tongue. So next time you’re building a gingerbread house with your loved ones, remember that tip from your server and open up that bottle of Meursault you’ve been saving for a special occasion. She’ll be happy at least someone had fun during the holidays!

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