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Make Your Diet Trans Fat-free to Maintain a Good Health

By Sandikar

Someone of us tends to get fat even after eating less. This is commonly found in adults whose body takes the shape of an apple.  The fat gets accumulated in certain parts of the body mainly in the abdomen region in men and in lower body parts in the female. The main reason behind such unwanted fat accumulation is presence of trans fat in our diet. There are certain disadvantages of trans fat which are as follows.

Disadvantages of Trans fat

  1. Trans fatty acid leads to low  birth weigh in infants
  2. In case pf pregnant women it reduces the formation of breast milk
  3. It causes abnormal sperm production in men along with testosterone disorder
  4. It can also be the cause of heart disease
  5. It also increases the amount of harmful cholesterol in the body
  6. It disturbs the immunity system
  7. It can also be the cause of obesity and prostate disease

Trans fat hampers the normal functioning of cell’s membranes which is necessary for optimum health. The fatty acid acts as a raw material which helps in the formation of other necessary elements in the body. It is better to avoid the following food items.

Foods to avoid

  1. Packaged and frozen food items
  2. Cookies and cakes
  3. Junks foods like chips , wafers , French fries
  4. Deep fried foods items
  5. Topping or spreads

Make an attempt to avoid these food items to stay in shape and lead a healthy life.

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