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4 Must-Haves in a Killer Wine Bar

By Nancykerschen

4 Must-Haves in a Killer Wine BarDespite a strong mistrust for its name (Corksoakers), I recently went out on a limb and through the rain to check out a semi-new wine bar in Houston. The whole excursion was reminiscent of the Twilight Zone, from standing in the rain knocking on the front door due to a jammed doorknob to being the only customers in the eerily vast and handsomely decorated building. Call it my wine bar intuition, but something just didn’t sit well that night.

Whereas my interest in wine shops depend solely on selection and price point, my qualifications for a successful wine bar are a delicate act of balance and even unconscious. That said, there are several components which make up a good wine bar.  It’s equal parts wine selection, ambiance,  evolution, and price. A wine bar can have a stellar selection, but no ambiance can kill an experience. Or it can have a lively atmosphere, but a lack of interesting events, whether educational or recreational, will disappoint me.

Wine selection. This is obviously highly subjective, as well as highly important.

4 Must-Haves in a Killer Wine Bar
As far as wine styles, I favor more towards dry, old world wines from boutique wineries. I’d rather see unheard of producers from uncommon places like Israel or Hungary than another big box label from Napa Valley or Barossa.  I’m not saying those large scale producers  don’t have their place on a list, they certainly do,  but they should not serve as the majority. A good wine list is versatile and flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of clients.

Ambiance. By all means, this is a vague word that means many things to many people. I personally enjoy a wine bar that feels relaxed and cozy. Soft furniture, lamps and melodic tunes help create a homey, welcoming atmosphere which can

4 Must-Haves in a Killer Wine Bar
be hard to find in “bar” bars,  or ones that serve mostly beer or liquor . This is key because when people drink something as nuanced and esoteric as wine, they want to feel as comfortable as possible.

Evolution. What I mean by evolution is by keeping the wine fresh and clients intrigued by having a wine list that changes on a regular basis. In addition, an equally important facet of evolution is that good wine bars make an effort to draw in their customers and keep them coming back. Events such as wine tastings, theme-nights (i.e. cupcakes and champagne), pairing dinners, and wine classes are all examples that the management takes their wine and their business seriously and is making a conscious attempt to attract people in.

Price. Nobody likes to get ripped-off.

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