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Malaysian Curry

By Eatouteatin
Every now and again we like to get food from the Chinese Chippy, and when we do we often choose the Chicken Malaysian Curry.  Now I know it isn't Chinese and I don't even know if it is any way near authentic either as we have never really experimented with Malaysian food but it is delicious. But, disappointingly it is most likely that it is not Gluten-free from the takeaway.  From time to time it dawns on is to try and re-create the dish but we really didn't know where to start so we hoped to stumble over a ready made paste that really delivered the flavours we had come to love.
Well, we found it!! This is definitely a cheat recipe.  In fact it is even a recipe but it is so good we needed to share the discovery with you.  On a quest to make our Cambodian dishes more authentic we recently visited Wingyip in Manchester to buy shrimp paste etc.  While we were there we found a few ready made sauces and pastes that looked interesting which (thankfully) did not contain wheat flour or gluten.  One of the pastes we bought was A1 Malaysian Curry Instant Paste:
Malaysian Curry
For about £1.30 I think, we seem to have found the closest thing to the dish we buy from the chippy.  In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it is the sauce they use.
Here is what we did with it:
Malaysian CurryFirst, we stir-fried some chopped chicken thighs for about 10 minutes. 
Malaysian CurryThen we added chopped onion and peppers. 
Malaysian CurryTo this we added the paste and cooked for about 5 minutes longer.
Malaysian CurryThen we added 120ml of coconut milk and 200 ml of water and let this simmer for about half an hour till it thickened a little.  Before serving we stirred through some frozen peas and cooked for about 5 minutes.
Malaysian CurryHere it is (with peas) and served on a bed of egg fried rice.  I can honestly say that this instant paste is fantastic.  It would be great if it was available in general supermarkets but maybe that is the charm.  It packs quite a punch though so wouldn't be tempted into adding any extra chillies to it unless you really like hot food!  When you need a quick and easy solution for a great curry then this definitely hits the spot.  In fact, due to me working late on New Years Eve, I have decided to make a big vat of this for my friends to eat before going out, fantastic!!

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