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  • Give a Little Bit

    Give Little

    Throughout all of the surgeries and treatments, I always had the gifts of family and friends to get me through. Mike, as always, was my strength, my rock. My... Read more

    The 22 June 2014 by   Countesstt
  • Twenty Two Years Ago... Plus a Few More Days to Come

    Twenty Years Ago... Plus More Days Come

    Twenty two years ago I was pregnant. I knew I was having a boy, and Chelsea who was two and a half years old named her baby-brother-to-be Sacha. From the... Read more

    The 16 June 2014 by   Coreyamaro
  • Wonderful Day of Beach Volleyball

    Wonderful Beach Volleyball

    Yes, it was an early wake-up call. Brailey was a bit fuzzy, trying to eat her breakfast before it was even light outside. Britt and I couldn't help but giggle a... Read more

    The 04 June 2014 by   Rodeomurrays4
  • Exciting News!

    Exciting News!

    For the past 2 1/2 years I have been working extremely hard on this blog, “Minnesota Girl in the World.”  You watched as I began exploring around Los Angeles, m... Read more

    The 30 June 2014 by   Jamie Gall
  • Bye Bye Butlins - 157/365

    Butlins 157/365

    Today our fantastic Butlins break drew to a close. It's been brilliant from start to finish and we were all very sad to be going home. Read more

    The 07 June 2014 by   Mummysspace
  • Toddler Play Space UPDATE

    Toddler Play Space UPDATE

    As I have mentioned in recent previous posts, for Darcie's birthday we decided to improve her play space and make it a really functional and neutral space. You... Read more

    The 08 June 2014 by   Mummyb
  • Fruit Fashion Files: Men's Fall 2014

    Fruit Fashion Files: Men's Fall 2014

    It was so darn hot today that all I wanted to do after work was sleep through the heat 'til it finally cools down at night. Times like these, I miss the cold... Read more

    The 21 June 2014 by   Shangi
  • Win 10 Cadbury Thank You Boxes for Your Child’s Teachers

    Cadbury Thank Boxes Your Child’s Teachers

    Summer is here and school’s almost out! Sparkles Stretchmarks has teamed up with Cadbury to bring a little bit of joy to Mums and Teachers around the UK as th... Read more

    The 30 June 2014 by   Sparklesandstretchmarks
  • The Window Seat

    Window Seat

    Whether in a restaurant or on a plane, the window seat is always being sought after. Well it's no different here at home, it's my window to the world. Read more

    The 19 June 2014 by   Kristy
  • Is It Time to DTR?

    Time DTR?

    So I am seeing this new guy for over a month now and I am really happy! He is such a gentlemen, he yes mam/no mams me, opens all of my doors, take me out on... Read more

    The 04 June 2014 by   The Dating Diaries


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