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Is It Time to DTR?

By The Dating Diaries @The_DatingDiaries


So I am seeing this new guy for over a month now and I am really happy! He is such a gentlemen, he yes mam/no mams me, opens all of my doors, take me out on dates twice a week, and wants to always know so much about me. He is the perfect guy to bring home to mom and dad butttttt except for the fact that this cute man has never been in a serious relationship. He is afraid of commitment but has on more than one occasion expressed interest in a relationship with me.

One of my best friends is leaving to move back to Canada so she came to see me for one last time! Her and I go for a great meal then meet up with Mr. Nice guy (thats his nickname) and his friends for some drinks and fun! We walk into this bar and we meet all of the friends and I notice him acting strange. But I just keep interacting with all of his friends and the shots start to flow. We are conversing with the table and I look at him because he is on his phone and he is “Tindering!” I am like what the hell why is he doing this in front of rude! His friend notices him doing this and he pulls me aside and apologizes for me. “I’m sorry its our fault we got him hammered this afternoon.” I look over at him and finally realize how hammered he is. I guess I just didn’t pay too much attention to him to notice…but the Tinder thing still pissed me off.

Off we go to the next bar and the music is great so we head to the dance floor. He grabs me to dance and he is so hammered he can’t keep up! I hate when super drunk guys try to dance! Then he goes to the bathroom and none of us see him again for the rest of the night. He freaking disappeared. But I said fuck it because it was my best friends last night in town so we stayed and partied with his friends! Turned out to be an awesome night!!

The next day my friend and I are at the pool recapping our night and it is still bothering me that he was “Tindering” right in front of me! So I of course brought it up and

I said: “It really bothered me that you were sitting right beside me on Tinder last night. I don’t care if thats your thing but please have enough respect for me not to do it in front of me.”
He said: “Its not my thing, its just an app. I like you Blakely, and would like to get to know more about you. Sorry.”

So now this though pops in my head: what if he is sleeping with other girls? I seriously doubt it and my gut tells me definitely not but how do I ask this question without trying to sound like I am “DTR’ing?” (defining the relationship).


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