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Surviving Tough Times Paperblog Pick in Business

Surviving Tough Times

Plus ca change…... Last week, I spoke to a father and son team who run a home furnishing store. Business is tough. There’s plenty of competition. Retail is suffering... Read more

Tips Business Travel Women Paperblog Pick in Business

Top 10 Tips for Business Travel for Women

This one is for all you ladies out there for travel for business.  Some love it, some hate it, but sometimes, the only way to get the job done is by hoppin’ on a plane.  Last week ... Read more


  • Success Kid Meme Gets Even Bigger

    Success Meme Gets Even Bigger

    The adorable little bugger on the billboard above is quite famous. He’s known around the internet as “Success Kid” or “I Hate Sandcastles.” Starting in 2008, th... Read more

    The 06 July 2012 by   Thehangline
  • How To Get Rid of That Bulge In Your Pants

    That Bulge Your Pants

    Yes… it’s a big one. And I confess that I walk around with it all day.Honestly, if we could all just get rid of cash and pay with credit cards, like in this Vis... Read more

    The 09 July 2012 by   Cheerfulegg
  • Be Patient and Wait for Marketing to Work

    Patient Wait Marketing Work

    Seasoned marketing people know that long term results come from persistence, patience and creativity. Sometimes, though, I think the media’s celebration of... Read more

    The 16 July 2012 by   Waxgirl333
  • Guest Post: 5 Websites for Finding Awesome Internship Opportunities

    Guest Post: Websites Finding Awesome Internship Opportunities

    Internships can provide entry into dream jobs, adding experience and references to an inexperienced person’s résumé, but finding them can be challenging -... Read more

    The 26 July 2012 by   Candacemoody
  • A Look At The UK Coffee Market

    Look Coffee Market

    A visualisation from Casa Espresso of the current coffee shop market in the UK. The infographic looks at how the coffee market share is spread across the... Read more

    The 04 July 2012 by   Infographixdirectory
  • Smart Women Protect Their Money

    Smart Women Protect Their Money

    When we hear about smart women protecting their money, we often think about the way they protect them from ex-husbands. The truth is that women need to be... Read more

    The 25 July 2012 by   Ncrimaldi
  • What Does Your Brand Colors Say About Your Company?

    What Does Your Brand Colors About Company?

    Marketo released a new infographic, True Colors: What Your Brand Colors say About Your Business.  The infographic details some of the stats around why you shoul... Read more

    The 04 July 2012 by   Infographixdirectory
  • Shareholder Value Has Nothing to Do with the Share Market

    Shareholder Value Nothing with Share Market

    Why a lot of executive packages are outrageous and stupid A loyal executive of 20 years reaches the rank of CFO. He’s smart, thorough and committed. He does a... Read more

    The 03 July 2012 by   Alanhargreaves
  • Want to Be Successful? Stop Being So Confident!

    Want Successful? Stop Being Confident!

    I’ve always been skeptical of high-energy, believe-in-yourself pitchmen. I think that, maybe unintentionally, they lead people into believing that success... Read more

    The 11 July 2012 by   Pjfaur
  • The Business Case for a Green Economy

    Business Case Green Economy

    Rio+20 Conference concluded on what many observers describe as a lackluster note: no grand agreements have been reached and even the closing paper ended up not... Read more

    The 02 July 2012 by   Center For International Private Enterprise