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Paper Mache Bulldog-Cloth Mache

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Well, it's time to make this little guy a bulldog.   When I used to teach art to kids, I would warn them that much of making art was "grunt" work.   It was not thrilling, just hard work.   But this is one of those days that IS thrilling, when a project finally starts to look like I envisioned (or at least would surprise me in a good way).   I'm going to add the "cloth mache" skin to the face.   I started with the ear.   I poked a piece of cloth into the ear hole, then smoothed it over outside of the ear.  That always makes really nice ear wrinkles, as nature does.  Why?  Why the wrinkles in your ear?  Ever wonder about that?   You should.  It's strange.  
paper mache bulldog-cloth mache ear paper mache bulldog-cloth mache ear2
Next, I folded a piece of cloth to make the lower lip.  Not much of this is going to show.  I added a little more cloth to the upper gums.  Don't know why.   Now for the floppy, extra skin that defines a bulldog.   I used a fairly large piece of cloth that I folded several times to get some thickness.
paper mache bulldog-cloth mache lower lip paper mache bulldog-begin cloth mache cheek
I started up by the nose and looped it toward the cheek.  I can't show this here, but I played with those wrinkles for a long time. 
paper mache bulldog-cloth mache cheek paper mache bulldog-cloth mache cheek2
Then I added a piece of cloth to the bridge of the nose.  I crumpled it up to get some wrinkles over the nose.  Then the eyes...I added upper and lower lids using pieces of folded cloth.
paper mache bulldog-cloth mache bridge of nose paper mache bulldog-cloth mache eyes
On to the next orifice.   I pushed a piece of cloth into the nose.   Then I monkeyed (yes, that's the proper artistic term) around with the cloth on the outside of the nose for a long time.  I think it finally looks like a dog's nose.
paper mache bulldog-cloth mache nose  paper mache bulldog-cloth mache nose2
So here he is with skin.  Looks a lot better.
paper mache bulldog- finish cloth mache
Paint next.  See you soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

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