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Paper Mache Bulldog-Done!

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Hi again,
Okay, so my bulldog is done.   For not being a dragon I kind of like him.   It was fun.  Here are a few photos.  First from one side.
Paper Mache Bulldog-Done!
Then the other
Paper Mache Bulldog-Done!
Oh, and I decided to make a little cat to go with him.
Paper Mache Bulldog-Done!
Actually the cat was black in the beginning.   Didn't like him.  So I painted him calico colors.  Didn't like him. 
Paper Mache Bulldog-Done!   Paper Mache Bulldog-Done!
So I painted him again using the same colors as the dog.  Then I liked him.  I suppose it's not too surprising that the closer he got to looking like Eddie the more I liked  him.
Paper Mache Bulldog-Done!
I'm not sure what I'll be making next.   I've started another dragon, but I'm not sure I'll blog about him.   I'll think about it.   Thank you for all of your patience.   I also made one of my usual time-lapse videos of the dog being made if you are interested.  It will be on Youtube tonight.   Take care.  Make art!

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