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Paper Mache Bulldog-Toes, Feet, and a Little Cloth Mache

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Hello everyone.  So where did we leave off?  Oh yes...time for toes.   No paper mache here.  Just pieces of wire clothes hangers.  I wrapped paper around them and added masking tape.  Made a bunch of itty-bitty toes.  Then I put them together to make itty-bitty doggy feet.  (Okay, I'll stop talking like that.)
 paper mache dog- make little toes  paper mache dog- little toes
I fashioned a foot out of a wad of paper and added the toes.   One last pinky on the side.  Is is a "pinky" on a dog?  I added some pads to the bottom of the feet.
 paper mache dog- put on last toe  paper mache dog- little feet
As I mentioned in my previous post, I started equivocating about eyes.   All of you artists out there know how neurotic that can get.  Back and forth, back and forth, brown, blue, cookies.  Brown fox eyes, or slightly bloodshot boar eyes, or blue human-ish eyes?   Obsess, change my mind, graham crackers (instead of cookies, but still 70 calories apiece!)(this was about a 2000 calorie decision.)   After all of that, I decided to keep the blue.
  paper mache dog- more brown eyes  paper mache dog- new eyes
I cut some ear and nose holes.   Then I made some slits in the toes so that I could add claws.
 paper mache dog- ear hole  paper mache dog- slits for claws
I added the claws.   I made black ones.   It turns out that bulldogs have either black or nail colored claws.   At this point I wasn't happy with the position of the head.   I wanted a kind of frisky look to this dog, with his head down and his butt in the air.  But his head was too low to the ground.  I decided he needed to be looking up a little.  So I grabbed the knife......
 paper mache dog- add claws  paper mache dog- head cut
...and off came the head!   This will surely be the photo that shows up on Google images when someone searches "dog".  I added to the existing head hole.   Nothing cute here.  It really looks like a pig's head!   I was listening to NPR the other day.  They were reporting about "Ramen festivals" that are springing up around the country.   Not the Top Ramen you get in the stores, but some fancier kind of ramen.   She described all these people making broth, all these big pots with pig heads floating in them!  That's how they make the broth!  Sorry, as a vegetarian that would send me running.   Of course I don't like most vegetables either.   I run from Brussels sprouts.
 paper mache dog- cut off head  Paper Mache Bulldog-Toes, Feet, and a little Cloth Mache
Much better!  I had to add some rolls of skin under the chin the fill in the gap.
 paper mache dog- new head position  paper mache dog- fix head hole
Time for the skin.   I started my cloth mache on the underside.  First the bottom of the feet.   Then the entire underbelly.
 paper mache dog- cloth mache toes  paper mache dog- cloth mache underside
I'm going to leave you here.   The next post will be the best.  Get to add the skin to the face. What a difference that will make!  See you soon!   Thanks for stopping by.   Make art!

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