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Big Storage Small Closet

By Decorology @decorology_blog

In older homes and small apartments it's hard to find great storage and closet space solutions. Don't let the words wardrobe and armoire scare you though! There are some seriously great designs to choose from that give you the storage you need.
When it comes to hanging your clothing, if your space is lacking a built-in closet, a stand-in wardrobe can be just as effective.  By adding in shelving, baskets, shoe racks, drawer units and even pin-boards for outfit inspiration, you have a custom closet solution tailored to your personal needs. via bhg
There are simple, modern, sleek ones that let you close all the doors and not notice any clutter. Most of these have great options for how you can stack and shelve things as well!
Beautiful and clever small closet ideas We have a very, very small linen closet in our home that could really benefit from a treatment like this.
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Beautiful and clever small closet ideas  We've all seen the closet-turned-home office - I still like finding a good one!
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Beautiful and clever small closet ideas via CasaSugar
Don't neglect small accessories - they need a designated place too. Having these guys piled up in a corner or shelf can really make or break the feeling of chaos.  Clear acrylic boxes or no-frills baskets are a good way to organize small items if you don't have a drawer.
Beautiful and clever small closet ideas
Your walls are your best friends when you live small.  Hang as much up as you can and save precious surface, drawer, and rail space for items that can't go on walls.
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Maximize Wardrobe Dresser - Use Every Square Inch    If the ceiling is high, install shelves above the rods to store items you don't use every day, such as hats, gloves, and other off-season clothing. Walls and the backs of closet doors can support hooks, peg-board (to which you can secure any number of hooks), mirrors, and even bulletin boards for messages and mementos.
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A simple traditional look with more storage necessities than you could ask for! Although this lacks hanging space it can be a great addition to a small closet, or a place to organize craft supplies.

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