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  • Car M.O.T.


    Yesterday I needed to get an M.O.T. done on the car. I didn’t have to go far, just up the road to Gary’s Auto’s (Seaside Lane, Easington Colliery,... Read more

    The 26 March 2014 by   Richard Randall
  • Frank is Found

    Frank Found

    For all those of you who have been asking about Frank the Pug and unable to follow the Facebook group, a message. Frank is home with Phil, his Dad. Together... Read more

    The 11 March 2014 by   Sue15cat
  • Coffee with Sophie Zalokar, One of Three Taste Great Southern Cooks

    Coffee with Sophie Zalokar, Three Taste Great Southern Cooks

    Chef, food writer and owner of Foragers Field Kitchen Cooking School, Sophie Zalokar (originally from Fremantle) will be one of three cooks at Taste Great... Read more

    The 14 March 2014 by   Foodie Cravings
  • Asia Seven: Yum Cha Festival in High Street Phoenix, Mumbai

    Asia Seven: Festival High Street Phoenix, Mumbai

    Asia Seven at High Street Phoenix is running a Yum Cha Festival from March 15, 2014 till April 15, 2014. Dimsum literally translating to “touch the heart”, is a... Read more

    The 21 March 2014 by   Indian Food Freak
  • Lemon and Ginger Diagonals

    Lemon Ginger Diagonals

    Lemon and Ginger are one of those flavours that go together just like peas and carrots. I would say jam and peanut butter, but that is not a combination they... Read more

    The 23 March 2014 by   Mariealicerayner
  • Poached Rhubarb with Blue Cheese #165

    Poached Rhubarb with Blue Cheese #165

    Serving blue cheese with something sweet like jam or sweet berries is always a good idea, it works great with the fat and salty taste from the cheese. Read more

    The 27 March 2014 by   Delicious
  • Nan Khatai


    Indian Butter Cookies | Nan Khatai a very simple and tasty cookies. Just ready in 15 minutes.Ingredients:All purpose Flour | Maida- 1 cupGranulated Sugar- 1/2... Read more

    The 29 March 2014 by   Tinkushaji
  • Why I Love Being A Mom

    Love Being

    Quietly sitting in the back corner of the room, I gently rocked Wes back and forth as he dozed off for a nap on my chest. A wrinkly, adorable old man stood at... Read more

    The 17 March 2014 by   Alongabbeyroad
  • How to Make Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

    Make Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

    Recipe of Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Hearty cabbage rolls filled with beef, rice, vegetable is great for supper. The comforting winter meal can be served with hot... Read more

    The 19 March 2014 by   Merry Brean
  • ~butter Herb Garlic Grilled Chicken~

    ~butter Herb Garlic Grilled Chicken~

    This ~butter her garlic grilled chicken~ makes for a couple of fine meals~~remember, the carcass is full of nutrition once you’ve pretty much picked the bird... Read more

    The 28 March 2014 by   Ally


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