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  • Imprify Photo Book

    Imprify Photo Book

    A few weeks ago,I received an email from Imprify. They were asking if I could review their photo books. Every now and then I get an email from such companies an... Read more

    The 13 June 2015 by   Smilinglikesunshine
  • Our Dream Home.

    Dream Home.

    I wasn’t looking for this house. I was content living in a home that I didn’t love, content soaking up all the Jesus I could take. It was a late night last... Read more

    The 24 June 2015 by   Rachel Rachelhagg
  • DIY Superman Father’s Day Card for Your Super Dad!

    Superman Father’s Card Your Super Dad!

    I’ve been teaching my son about superheroes since birth – beginning, of course, with Superman. His brightly colored costume and superhuman abilities, paired wit... Read more

    The 08 June 2015 by   Designerdaddy
  • 28 Reasons Being Legally Married Gay Dads Is Awesome!

    Reasons Being Legally Married Dads Awesome!

    Marriage equality currently sits on the Supreme Court’s docket, awaiting a final ruling. All signs point to same-sex marriage finally being legalized in the... Read more

    The 19 June 2015 by   Designerdaddy
  • Candy Cake, Crafts and Party Ideas - Teenager on Pinterest

    Candy Cake, Crafts Party Ideas Teenager Pinterest

    Hi Friends!One of my most viewed posts this past year has been what my teenager daughter has discovered, made and pinned on Pinterest. :-)The Sunshine Box or... Read more

    The 18 June 2015 by   Selina Hoit
  • AWESOME Outdoor Movie Screen Ideas for Summer

    AWESOME Outdoor Movie Screen Ideas Summer

    Hey Friends!I don't know about where you live, but over here in Idaho we are having a total heat wave! Summer is hitting us a MONTH earlier than normal! Read more

    The 12 June 2015 by   Selina Hoit
  • Father's Day Gift Ideas From Hallmark

    Father's Gift Ideas From Hallmark

    Hallmark has some awesome gift ideas for Dads this Father's Day, and I particularly love the name of this line of products: "Life is good." Because it is. Read more

    The 06 June 2015 by   Thismomloves
  • Is Ramadan Fasting for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms Mandatory?

    Ramadan Fasting Pregnant Breastfeeding Moms Mandatory?

    Is Ramadan fasting a must for mom to bes and lactating moms? Can you breastfeed your baby while you fast? Can fasting affect you and your baby if you are... Read more

    The 25 June 2015 by   Sangeetha
  • The End of Year Wood Academy Awards

    Year Wood Academy Awards

    Summer is well underway, but when you are a homeschooling family school doesn't really end, it just gets squeezed in between trips out to the pool. Sometimes... Read more

    The 12 June 2015 by   Carrie Wood
  • The Snowball Effect : Becoming Travel Bloggers

    #1Hubby I want to go on a holiday. Me Me too. #1Hubby How good would it be to go to Vegas. Me Hell yes. But have you forgotten about The Feral Threesome? #1Hubb... Read more

    The 21 June 2015 by   Parentalparody


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