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  • Style XL 2015

    Style 2015

    So last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend Style XL which is the only Midlands based plus size fashion event. It is organised by the lovely Leah from Leah... Read more

    The 25 July 2015 by   Nikki Sumner
  • No Perfection


    When someone calls you #perfect they put you on a high pedestal. You might find yourself struggle to maintain the image that has been projected onto you. Read more

    The 07 July 2015 by   Chineze
  • Tutorial: 5 Easy-to-Wear Square Hijab Styles in Photos

    Tutorial: Easy-to-Wear Square Hijab Styles Photos

    photo by: When I started wearing hijab, I used the square ones. I've never used rectangular ones on a daily basis before I went to... Read more

    The 14 July 2015 by   Kaidarul
  • Curry Club

    Curry Club

    Last month I shared instalment #1 of curry club. Today, I bring you more curry deliciousness! This time: a chicken balti.I used to think making a curry from... Read more

    The 22 July 2015 by   Blueoctober
  • Summer’s Blues

    Summer’s Blues

    I love this photo of Francesco Smalto. Like his contemporaries Tommy Nutter and Edward Sexton, Smalto was known for combining high fashion with the highest... Read more

    The 08 July 2015 by   Dieworkwear
  • Unposed Photography

    Unposed Photography

    The best part about memories is the act of making them. In the moments when you’re surrounded by love and filled with joy, you can feel that you’re going to... Read more

    The 13 July 2015 by   Trendytechie
  • Currently Coveting: Stationery

    Currently Coveting: Stationery

    A little stationery wishlist. As an avid writer by night and day, trade and hobby, it’s difficult for me to stray too far away from stationery coveting. Read more

    The 08 July 2015 by   Winyeemichelle
  • Homemade: Anti Ageing Face Oil for Acne Prone/Oily Skin

    Homemade: Anti Ageing Face Acne Prone/Oily Skin

    Hi Everyone!Its after a long time i am doing a 'Home Made' post.Today its about a Face Oil which is not only a good skin moisturiser but has anti acne and anti... Read more

    The 22 July 2015 by   Megha Saundaryasansar
  • Documenting Me


    I look at pictures of me a year ago and am amazed at how YOUNG I look. I just look softer yet firmer, less wrinkled, less dry. In the past year, my body did go... Read more

    The 16 July 2015 by   Wardrobeoxygen
  • Links Lately

    Links Lately

    8 things I think you should read this weekend. Way back when this blog was in its starter stages, a small collective of us wrote weekly non-beauty Friday... Read more

    The 18 July 2015 by   Winyeemichelle


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