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  • Wedding Planning // Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

    Wedding Planning Will Bridesmaid?

    As part of my wedding planning I asked my Bridesmaids this weekend. I invited them to high tea at the Peninsula, and gave them little gift bags. Read more

    The 27 October 2014 by   Shanlakes
  • What to Wear to a...

    What Wear a...

    Need something to keep your hand warm during that morning commute? Run to your corner bakery and break the pumpkin spice latte rut by going for a cinnamony... Read more

    The 07 October 2014 by   Marlen
  • Tips on How to Entertain Guests on Halloween

    Tips Entertain Guests Halloween

    If you are throwing a Halloween party for your family and friends and are struggling over some interesting ideas which can entertain them the most, then you... Read more

    The 22 October 2014 by   Vikashkumar
  • Fashion Haul: JC Penney + Factory 2 U

    Fashion Haul: Penney Factory

    Hi Gorgeous! Shopping always makes me feel better–am I the only? Anyway a couple of weeks ago me and my mom went shopping and I found some amazing deals and... Read more

    The 02 October 2014 by   Chantel
  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    We are all ready for Halloween at the Notes/Gonzalez household!  I will admit, aside from the pumpkins, most of this decor was done by my fabulous neighbors. Read more

    The 31 October 2014 by   Popcornandpandas
  • What I Wore: Frocktober Week 2 2014

    What Wore: Frocktober Week 2014

    Floral necklace and coat for a trip to the theater, the premiere of Once, the musical (I’m writing a review which I will publish next week). I was challenged... Read more

    The 11 October 2014 by   Imogenl
  • The Beauty Of The Bloodcurdling: Skingraft Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Review

    Beauty Bloodcurdling: Skingraft Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Review

    It's amazing how the pristine and unblemished can sometimes be remixed to look macabre and downright sinister. Chalk it up to someone's vivid imagination or... Read more

    The 17 October 2014 by   David White
  • 10 Things You Should Learn in Your Upper Twenties

    Things Should Learn Your Upper Twenties

    1. You can get away with so many things in your twenties that you can't in your thirties. Take advantage.2. Your first instinct is always right. This goes for... Read more

    The 14 October 2014 by   Shanlakes
  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    ya’ll! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Even though I don’t get to dress up every year, I love all of the scary movies on tv, and of course the... Read more

    The 31 October 2014 by   Leslielazard
  • Life Of A Coy Fish // Know Your Style

    Life Fish Know Your Style

    Hiyah! (Is that even a word?) I'm so, so, excited to be a part of Gentri's "Know Your Style" series today! I'm Allexis and I blog about fashion/personal style a... Read more

    The 12 October 2014 by   Gentrilee


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