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Capture the Essence of a City in Germany: In One Photo

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins

Capture the essence of a city in Germany:  In One Photograph.  This was the challenge put out to Expat in Germany readers and fellow travel bloggers.  After seeing these photos of German cities, you may just find yourself on the next flight to Germany to discover these cities for yourself.

The Essence of Regensburg captured by Cliff of the Regensblog

photos of germany_regensburg
The Essence of Regensburg captured by Cliff of the Regensblog.

“Regensburg is perhaps most famous for its cathedral, looming over the historic Altstadt, virtually untouched by World War Two. But there are other significant religious aspects to the city: the Protestant Neupfarrkirche is the most prominent building on the Altstadt’s main square, and directly next to it — the white sculptures where Gelato is being consumed en masse — is the monument to the city’s Jewish quarter, a 3-D schematic of the synagogue razed centuries years ago during a purge of the city’s Jews. Regensburg sometimes like to think of itself as Italy’s most northern outpost, and indeed, owing to its position at the confluence of the Regen and Danube rivers, it was an important Roman outpost dating back to about 79 A.D. Despite all this ancient history, it’s got a young feel to it owing to the city’s university. There are plenty of ways to socialize in Regensburg, but weather permitting, outside and equipped with ice cream seems to be the most popular.” – Cliff


The Essence of Cologne captured by Sabrina of Country Skipper

photos of germany cologne

The Essence of Cologne captured by Sabrina of Country Skipper

“I started looking for a picture that would show what Cologne is to me. I had one in mind, but it turned out a little blurry. Either way, it’s what Cologne is to me in the winter: the Koelner Dom, a Christmas market, … so much fun.” – Sabrina


The Essence of Charming Little German Villages by Dana of Wanted Adventure

photos of germany_charming german villages

The essence of charming German villages captured by Dana of Wanted Adventure.

“This photo does not capture the essence of just one particular city in Germany, but rather all of the charming little villages on the edges of the larger and, often times, more visited cities. The next time you are in Germany, I urge you to take a day trip out of the well-known cities and drive through some of the smaller, quaint towns as well. ” – Dana


The Essence of Ochsenfurt  by TJ of Studio Mailbox

photos of germany_Ochsenfurt

The Essence of Ochsenfurt captured by TJ.

“Capturing the essence of Ochsenfurt isn’t easy because it’s a small town with a lot of facets. I could’ve went with the woodland loops, trailers full of sugar beets, the vineyards, or an image from the local wine fests, but in the end I decided to flash a sneak peek of the postcard perfect timber framed buildings that line it’s main street. I’m pretty sure I won’t live in Germany forever, but I really do think a little bit of Ochsenfurt will always live in me.” – TJ


The Essence of Freiburg by Andrew of Grounded Traveler

photos of germany_freiburg

The essence of Freiburg captured by Andrew of Grounded Traveler.

“Freiburg is a small city, but fills up on a sunny Saturday. This is looking through the center of town early on a Saturday morning. The classic shape of Martin’s Gate in the back and the running water gutters called Bächle in the foreground are both very linked with Freiburg’s feel. The biker in the sun just adds to it all. Freiburg is a sunny, green and busy little city.” – Andrew


The Essence of Ulm by Ginger of Ginger in Germany (Again)

photos of germany_ulm

The Essence of Ulm captured by Ginger of Ginger in Germany (Again).

” I took (this photo) atop the Münster, the tallest church in the world, whose Gothic window provided the perfect snapshot view over the famous Blue Danube river. Enjoy!” – Ginger


The Essence of Schwäbisch Hall by Laurel of Expat in Germany (the blog you’re currently reading)

photos of germany_swabisch hall

The Essence of Schwäbisch Hall captured by Laurel of Expat in Germany.

Schwäbisch Hall is a small medieval city north of Stuttgart.  I had heard it described as “charming” but that didn’t even begin to do it justice with all it’s half-timbered houses, crumbling city wall, wooden towers and bridges, parks and the Church of St. Michael, self proclaimed as one of the nicest in Germany and I would be hard pressed to disagree.  Plus it had several gelato and ice cream shoppes, a must stop on a hot sunny day while exploring one of my favorite cities in Germany.” – Laurel

The Essence of Regensburg by NFAH of Not From Around Here

photos of germany_regensburg

The Essence of Regensburg captured by NFAH of Not From Around Here.

Regensburg was so popular that we have two entries for this beautiful city.  I love how each photo shows a different side to Regensburg.

“This is of Regensburg, where my choir visited on tour and recorded a CD in one of the old churches. I had never heard of the city before we went there, and I found it amazing. I was not expecting the pastels, the enormous cathedral, and so many other things.” – NFAH.

So have you booked your flight to Germany yet?  Thank you to everyone who submitted an “Essence of a German City” photo.  I really enjoyed seeing so many different places in Germany captured in so many different ways.

The next “Essence of Your City” series will be The Essence of European Cities” You don’t have to live there, it could just be a photo of a city you have visited in Europe that you feel captures the essence of the city.

If you’re interested in participating please email me @: expatgermany [at]
-photo of the city
-a few sentences of why you think the photo you’ve selected captures the essence of the city
-your name, blog url and twitter handle
By June 15th.


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