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  • Trees - Bats and a Red Dragon

    Trees Bats Dragon

    When the children were young we spent summer holidays in Pembrokeshire. We were fortunate to have the use of a static caravan owned by family. It was situated o... Read more

    The 13 June 2017 by   Ashleylister
  • What's New in Paradise? Book 11: Lottery in Paradise!

    What's Paradise? Book Lottery Paradise!

    Meet the crime-solving duo of the Florida Keys: Madison who has all the charm of the girl next door, not to mention a deadly aim and Fab, her best friend, a... Read more

    The 14 June 2017 by   Lizmckeown1955
  • Karma's a Bitch

    Karma's Bitch

    I got called out by a few people on Facebook yesterday for posting about the shooting in DC and pointing out that Scalise, the Congressman wounded the most... Read more

    The 15 June 2017 by   Vickilane
  • Modesty In Style

    Modesty Style

    Okay, here comes another Fashion related post from me. But you all know I am not a fashion frenzy blogger. I do it now and then, as I sit and relax. Read more

    The 15 June 2017 by   Meera
  • Looking For Mortgage Brokers?

    Looking Mortgage Brokers?

    If you are a first-time homebuyer on the market, you may find the process quite stressful and daunting. You may not have any idea of the ins and outs of... Read more

    The 15 June 2017 by   Lwf1985
  • Fifty.


    So I have been writing a series of shots related to being fifty... Some are pretty spectac... and others are just me being me. I like the feel of almost... Read more

    The 16 June 2017 by   Jenrene
  • How To Make Our Children Understand The Essence Of Laylat Ul Qadr

    Make Children Understand Essence Laylat Qadr

    Assalamu Alaikum!Looks like Ramadan just started and the time flies in the blink of an eye. Here we are at the edge of Ramadan, awaiting Eid. But the lessons an... Read more

    The 17 June 2017 by   Meera
  • Trees


    In the wake of the violent attacks in Manchester and London and that fiasco of a General Election, I was quite looking forward to writing about trees this week ... Read more

    The 17 June 2017 by   Ashleylister
  • Unabashed Baby Worship Was Going On . . .

    Unabashed Baby Worship Going

    photo by Renee Yesterday my friend Sue and I hosted a shower for Josie at Sue's house. The guest of honor slept through much of it. Read more

    The 18 June 2017 by   Vickilane
  • Josie's Flower Window Quilt

    Josie's Flower Window Quilt

    As promised yesterday, here are some closeups of the group quilt presented yesterday at the shower. It's been in the works since December -- with me hobbling... Read more

    The 19 June 2017 by   Vickilane


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