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  • Safely Here

    Safely Here

    Arrived at John C. Campbell after what should have been a two and a half hour trip stretched to almost four due to a serious traffic jam. Read more

    The 26 June 2017 by   Vickilane
  • Thaddeus Nowak: the Cothel Series

    Thaddeus Nowak: Cothel Series

    Guest Post from Thaddeus NowakThe last men Stephenie trusts disappear, leaving her unprotected and vulnerable. She knows who abducted her guards, but there is... Read more

    The 26 June 2017 by   Selane
  • From the Art By Cedar Archives: Verbania Trail

    This sweet little painting, “Verbania Trail” is of the woods near my aunt and uncles’s home. They live in Verbania, Italy, a semi-rural town on Lago Maggiore,... Read more

    The 26 June 2017 by   Artbycedar
  • The Chef of Love Has Gone from TV Celebrity Chef to Romance Guru!

    Chef Love Gone from Celebrity Romance Guru!

    When I first met Jernard Wells aka The Chef of Love, he was a winner on Cutthroat Kitchen. He agreed to be the inspiration and the judge for my romance writing... Read more

    The 26 June 2017 by   Lizmckeown1955
  • Balladry - John, Yoko and Lorna

    Balladry John, Yoko Lorna

    Who would ever really want to be a young teenager again? I look fondly back on those years, well, the good bits, and skip right past the embarrassing bits. Ther... Read more

    The 27 June 2017 by   Ashleylister
  • Celebrating Your Achievements - Filling Your Well

    Celebrating Your Achievements Filling Well

    Picking up my Art AwardsHow often do you celebrate your achievements or do you brush them under the carpet?It is important to regularly celebrate the... Read more

    The 27 June 2017 by   Realityarts
  • Writing at JCCFS

    Writing JCCFS

    I am always amazed at the ability of people to knuckle down and respond to off the wall writing prompts. And respond with grace and wit. Read more

    The 28 June 2017 by   Vickilane
  • Dark is Beautiful

    Dark Beautiful

    In my childhood, the basic difference between my sister, my cousin who lived next door and I was this – she was the darkest among us three, my cousin is the... Read more

    The 29 June 2017 by   Ire17n
  • My, How They're Growing!

    They're Growing!

    Claui sent me these pictures yesterday and I'm amazed at how Josie is changing and becoming more of a person in so few days. And speaking of growth and change... Read more

    The 30 June 2017 by   Vickilane

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