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By Jenrene

So I have been writing a series of shots related to being fifty...

Some are pretty spectac... and others are just me being me. I like the feel of almost being fifty. It means I can sit on my porch at dark thirty and just sit outside and be me.

I like to be able to have freedom at 50 to be myself.

I am beginning to think I know what it means to be myself, too.

It means to just sip some tea on a nice evening on the patio in the am, because it feels so good to just have fresh air and tea mix together.

Or it may mean I get to take an extra nap on a quiet wet and rainy morning .

Sometimes it means I get to listen to my thoughts.

And laugh at my photos of my nieces and nephews.

Just allow them to simmer, and I can just meditate on being grateful.

Thoughtless, musings grateful simmerings of tea and good spirit of nothingness, yea that's what it means to be 50.



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