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Day 3: The Blessing of (Spiritual) Maturity. #50DaystoFifty

By Jenrene
Feels good, right? Ha! (Yeah right.) So, today I am writing today about maturity. Well... when you really look at it, maturity is necessary,. We don't get any younger, and with every turn of a lesson learned, we need to gather the information and use it, for some good, right? Well... I have learned a lot in my 50 years. I won't bore you with details , but I will say this: The ONLY GOOD that comes out of life and being happy, is knowing God. He just seems to work things together for good. I will tell you about something small, and then, something really big. "THE SMALL _ BIG THING..." So , the small thing is... I guess it could be small to you, but to me, it's kind of "small-BIG," because it had everything to do with my mobility. Just one month ago, I could barely walk. I had to have my husband come and pick me up from work, and I could barely wslk. I was devastated. I had to go to emergency, and came out of emergency , with crutches, and I took most of the rest of the week off, until I could limp a little. I literally didn't know what to do. I went to the doctor's and they really could not say much about what was going on with me. They just seemed to say, "NO, its not that, and No, its not this." So they ruled out practically everything, which left us to the fact that it must just need to take time to heal, and maybe a little re-habbing will work. So that's what we did. Now, I didn't want to listen to my husband. He seemed to know I needed the re-habbing, but I didn't. I was just really , really put off. I spent the beginning of my summer just really out of it, because I didn't want to be in the house, stuck, and miserable. And so...As a mildly acquiescing 50-year old would do, I found other ways to adjust. I would sit on my patio, and read. And wrote a bit, too. I finally started trying to hear from God what was going on, and I got so much peace inside that all would be well, I ended up just handing it over Him. I even formed a prayer group in order to see why I had all this immobilization, cause there was SO Much TO DO!! And before you know it, ... I was healing. I still have a slight limp, but I don't need my crutches no more. THIS IS HUGE, guys... because I found out so much meaning was in the fact God was doing spiritual work inside of me, as well. Not just on the outside. And I needed to really take heed. I am better today , and definitely more mature, because of it. I am accepting of things I cannot change And I am willing to seek God in even the most mundane and what "appear to be" not so significant things. But even more than that God used my ailment to produce a wonder. What do​ I mean by that? Well here's the thought.. Yesterday I listened to Beth Moore speak about following and heeding God. She said: "THE BIG THING..." SO the really big "mature" deal that was life- changing for me was this: God produces miracles if you really believe He will. Most of you know my S, Africa trip was a HUGE miracle in my life , that I believe will continue, but I also believe will go down as the miracles of all miracles. If you haven't read about it, read here, and weep. But I think just being able to go to South Africa showed me how intimately God wanted to connect with me about life and things coming to pass in my life. Yet there is complete "spiritual maturity that happens, when we decide to say YES - to anything God does! I recently have had some hardship with doing something that God asked me to do. It had to do with becoming a counselor for those who struggle with addictions. For one main reason...Now, if you know my past, this is A HUGE MIRACLE, because God chose ME... this once little scary, quiet , anxiety-ridden child, (now woman... ) who wanted to disappear into thin air because her father was an alcoholic, and once was entirely embarrassed by how he lived his life...Yet today, God blessed him to have almost 40 years in recovery! Yep, that was my family, and that was me. But today, some forty- something years later,...God wants me to now COUNSEL those same people who struggle with the same kind of addictions.. to counsel their families, their children, the alcoholics , drug addicts and addictive folk who come from these homes, and help them HEAL. Now if that ain't a miracle, then ... WHAT!!?? Amen. So that's all folks... no more to say - my biggest miracles... they they go! Selah. Day 3: The Blessing of (Spiritual) Maturity. #50DaystoFifty

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