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  • 04th of August: Master CVV’s 152nd Birthday Celebration

    04th August: Master CVV’s 152nd Birthday Celebration

    Today, on August 4th, we commemorate the birthday of Master CVV (1868-1922), who anchored the Aquarian energy on our planet. As per Indian counting, this year i... Read more

    The 04 August 2020 by   Luphil
  • Launch of ANIMA Despertar Conciencia, a Spanish Language New Channel

    Launch ANIMA Despertar Conciencia, Spanish Language Channel

    Today, 5th of August, there is the launch of “ANIMA Despertar Conciencia“, a new Spanish language channel committed to share knowledge in a completely free basi... Read more

    The 04 August 2020 by   Luphil
  • Masking People from 6ft!

    About fiercebuddhist Welcome. I am happy that our paths have crossed. Here you will find various poems, articles and photography. I hope that you enjoy them... Read more

    The 17 August 2020 by   Fiercebuddhist
  • Virgo – Blessing of the Mother

    Virgo Blessing Mother

    For the divine light to express itself through us, a pure virginal mind is the prerequisite. Virgo is sign and time, when the germ of the soul matures – the... Read more

    The 18 August 2020 by   Luphil
  • What Triggers You?

    What Triggers You?

    Emotional triggers are a physiological response to your personal interpretation of a comment, event, or situation. I underline the words: “your personal... Read more

    The 18 August 2020 by   Liminalspace
  • Going the Path – a Correspondence

    Going Path Correspondence

    I would like to share with you some extracts from a correspondence with a young seeker, a little adapted for publishing. There have been various e-mails before. Read more

    The 20 August 2020 by   Luphil
  • Today: 700th Birthday of Sripada Srivallabha

    Today: 700th Birthday Sripada Srivallabha

    Today, at the 4th ascending moon phase, with the sun entering Virgo, is celebrated the 700th birthday of Sripada Srivallabha. He is the first avatar of Lord... Read more

    The 22 August 2020 by   Luphil
  • Eleven Virgo Paintings

    Eleven Virgo Paintings

    Virgo stands for pure, virgin matter, free from all impurity. The virgin nature lets the spirit shine as the light of the World Mother. The World Mother is the... Read more

    The 22 August 2020 by   Luphil
  • Self-Fulfilling Pandemic

    Self-Fulfilling Pandemic

    A self-fulfilling prophecy is a process by which expectations elicit behaviors that ultimately confirm those expectations. For instance, many psychologists... Read more

    The 24 August 2020 by   Andrewtix

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