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Going the Path – a Correspondence

By Luphil

I would like to share with you some extracts from a correspondence with a young seeker, a little adapted for publishing. There have been various e-mails before.
Answering to a remark that she had gone through a severe crisis on her path I wrote that I also went through longer crises deeply shaking me.

She answered, “It’s hard for me to imagine that you went through such a turbulence because now you look like the most serene person I’ve ever seen. … It gives me hope for my future.”

I told her a bit about some turbulences at the beginning of my meditation time, linking to a blog-post about how I started meditating.

She: “Your blog is really cool. I want to share it with my friends because you give an interesting perspective on TM and the hippie movement. The post you shared just shows how important it is to find a Sadhguru who has only our best interests in mind. …”

Me: “Although it seems that ‘we find’ with good luck an accomplished teacher, it is always the teacher who, for a long time, over several lives, observes a student and then slowly guides him to come closer – first to other students of the “ashram” (group of disciples, not a physical structure) and, when someone might start to be useful in the work, also a physical contact. It says that the student cannot recognize the teacher, only slowly coming to understand – it is the teacher who sees the student.
Hierarchy decided a century ago to do group teachings now because many – though it might seem to be few – approach discipleship and are no more dealt with on a personal, one-to-on basis. It is learning, practicing and working together in groups, as a group. So it is up to us to prepare ourselves. You will face challenges…”

She: “You are right about my struggle to put things in order. I have absolutely no energy to do anything other than meditating or writing since January this year. I don’t even have the interest to do other things for now. My parents find this very strange and pressurize me sometimes to be ‘normal’. May be I will get better after going to university.”

Me: “I very well understand your having absolutely no energy to do anything other than meditating or writing… I experienced the same in the 70s / early 80s. No real interest in study or profession… It seems to be a kind of crisis of soul orientation. It is not a sign of spiritual progress but of personality integration. Your parents pressurizing you to be ‘normal’ is also no solution in this. When my parents told me this way, it never was of help, just causing me sometimes to feel bad.
Going to university is also not as per such a real solution – when you are yearning for the soul, it is the thirst of your soul – and this cannot be suppressed by directing it elsewhere. But study might help because, what we need to acquire on the spiritual path is a stable stand in the triangle of meditation – study – service. Meditation: going inward, Study: not an outer filling of the mind with information stuff but understanding the subtle realities, therefore reading spiritual teachings. Service: being of help for the surrounding life, not living for oneself.
This means: You need skills to survive in life and to be useful for service. If you do not acquire, you get stuck on your spiritual path. Saturn will block you as long as you haven’t got this lesson.”

She: “I know you advised me not to teach or promote anything till I became very stable in Master’s yoga and I agree with you but in June this year, I felt a very strong urge to write a simplified essay on planets incorporating teachings of Master EK and Master KPK. The intention was to help millenials with a short attention span understand these concepts.”

Me: “If you feel inwardly that you would like to share the text with friends, you have the OK from your soul, your inner Master. It is good to help millenials with teaching – be prepared that when you start you will need to continue, through years, maybe life-long. Don’t take it up just for writing a momentary article and then put off again – this is just a fancy. If you are ready to keep up – no need to know for how long but willing to do one step after the other, then do it.”

Going the Path – a Correspondence

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