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04th of August: Master CVV’s 152nd Birthday Celebration

By Luphil

Today, on August 4th, we commemorate the birthday of Master CVV (1868-1922), who anchored the Aquarian energy on our planet. As per Indian counting, this year is his 153rd birthday; as per Western counting we now celebrate his 152nd birthday.

I already blogged many times about this extraordinary Master who has a profound impact on my life, and shortly also published a video.

Please find below an extract of Master KPK’s discourse at the “Master CVV’s Birthday Celebrations” 2019.

“Hearty fraternal greetings to the brotherhood. Master CVV was born on the 4th of August, 1868 at around 10:20 AM in the morning. That day the moon was in Dhanishta and it was a full moon day of Leo. To this day 151 years completed and we are celebrating the 152nd birthday today. On this day, we have all gathered here this morning to receive the grace of the Master. It is by his will that we could come here and participate in the morning prayer. We should remember that. There are two aspects. One is our thought that we should wake up early and participate in the group prayer today and another is the will of the Master who enables our thought to manifest. When the human effort and Divine will come together, any work happens but just human effort is not sufficient. Divine will depends on our karma and time. However, we should always put an effort if we feel it is a good thing to do. We should not stop putting efforts just because the result might be otherwise. We only have the right to work but no right to demand a result that we want. The result is dependent on many factors which we are unaware of, so better leave it to the Divine.

Not only today, Master CVV promised that he would grace us every morning at 6 AM. So we should be prepared to invoke and get into his presence every morning. On this day, we should pray to the Master that he should reinforce our will so that we participate in morning and evening prayers regularly.

So on this day, Master CVV took a physical form. Before that, his abode was in the Ashram of Master Agastya where he was an advanced initiate. Even after leaving the physical, he continues to be present in the Ashram of Agastya and works from there, granting his presence to everyone who does prayer regularly. Master CVV works on a one to one basis with everyone who invokes him. That is why he called this a path of direct method. He may work through established mediums as well and he can work directly as well. It is upto him on how to function. So we cannot expect how he works. Unexpectedness is the feature of the energy that descended from the highest of planes to this planet via Master CVV.”

04th of August: Master CVV’s 152nd Birthday Celebration
Photo of the Master CVV statue at the Balabhanu school Visakhapatnam, India, by a friend

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