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  • Fail Ultrasonic Device

    Fail Ultrasonic Device

    FAIL Fail or what? Thanks to a Facebook friend Michael Brinkman So the question is answered? Does the pest ultrasonic devices actually work? NO The bigger... Read more

    The 14 january 2019 by   Probestpest
  • Amera Atomic Warranties…/valley-residents-complain-of-worthl… I’ve seen this happen time and time again, that is why ProBest Pest Management doesn’t sell 5 or... Read more

    The 10 january 2019 by   Probestpest
  • It’s Going to Be a Fun (sneaky) Year

    It’s Going (sneaky) Year

    My friends. A lot has happened since I last wrote in this blog. I’m now a State Representative for New Hampshire – which is keeping me preeety busy. It also... Read more

    The 08 january 2019 by   Wendythomas
  • Public Health

    Public Health

    Public Health and Human Health, go hand in hand to provide the cornerstone of pest treatments. Approximately 100 Arizona residents die yearly due to asthma,... Read more

    The 07 january 2019 by   Probestpest
  • Trump’s Wall Treats Symptoms and Causes Problems

    Trump’s Wall Treats Symptoms Causes Problems

    Not to Wall View of the border fence between the US states of Texas and New Mexico, left, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, right, on Jan. 25, 2017. Read more

    The 04 january 2019 by   Garry Rogers
  • Human Health

    Human Health

    Human health should concern us all, have you ever considered how far we have come? From throwing waste into the streets where everybody walks through it, to kid... Read more

    The 02 january 2019 by   Probestpest
  • Holidays of Giving

    Holidays Giving

    – Fisher House (Arizona) The Son’s of the American Legion, Detachment of Arizona is involved with this organization and I highly recommend this charity. Read more

    The 25 december 2018 by   Probestpest
  • Sub Termites


    Sub Termites – They are creepy and they are always trying to find wood = your home or business. 24/7/365 ALWAYS LOOKING. Look for signs and don’t encourage... Read more

    The 20 december 2018 by   Probestpest
  • Desert Weeds – Draft – Comments Welcome

    Desert Weeds Draft Comments Welcome

    Draft Desert-Weeds Introduction Abstract Weeds are the first stage of recovery following disturbances that reduce the cover of perennial plants and biological... Read more

    The 19 december 2018 by   Garry Rogers