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  • Caught on Camera: Amazonian Crop Raiders

    Caught Camera: Amazonian Crop Raiders

    Papped snaffling in the jungle, a striking set of photos reveal the secret lives of Amazonian crop-raiding animals.A new study from the University of East Angli... Read more

    The 01 March 2018 by   Philpickin
  • Field Day in the Garden as Hungry Winter Visitors Flock In.

    Field Garden Hungry Winter Visitors Flock

    © Ben Andrew· Freezing conditions force hungry winter visiting birds, fieldfares and redwings, into gardens· These thrushes will have spent the last few months... Read more

    The 01 March 2018 by   Philpickin
  • Brighter Future for Seabirds as Shiants Declared Rat Free

    Brighter Future Seabirds Shiants Declared Free

    © Jim RichardsonThe Shiant Isles have been officially declared rat-free, thanks to a four-year partnership project to restore them as a secure haven for... Read more

    The 02 March 2018 by   Philpickin
  • Lesson 15756- The Definition of Guffaw

    Lesson 15756- Definition Guffaw

    The absolute best thing happened to me yesterday. I had to go up north for a few meetings that took a wee bit longer than I had anticipated. I decided to stop i... Read more

    The 16 March 2018 by   Wendythomas
  • Plight of Phoenix: How Long Can the World’s ‘least Sustainable’ City Survive? |...

    Plight Phoenix: Long World’s ‘least Sustainable’ City Survive? Cities Guardian

    GR: Taking a longer view of this subject, the demise of Phoenix and its satellite towns might be good for the land and for people because it will give natural... Read more

    The 20 March 2018 by   Garry Rogers
  • NATIONAL WEED APPRECIATION DAY – March 28 | National Day Calendar

    NATIONAL WEED APPRECIATION March National Calendar

    GR: Today is National Weed Appreciation Day. As the benefits of weeds are the subject of my new book, I thought it appropriate to mention the day. Read more

    The 28 March 2018 by   Garry Rogers
  • Lesson 1558- Life Lessons I Want My Kids to Know

    Lesson 1558- Life Lessons Want Kids Know

    When I was in college at the University of Connecticut, I couldn’t believe how many different classes were available. To be a full-time student you had to have... Read more

    The 29 March 2018 by   Wendythomas
  • Craft Beer

    Craft Beer

    I’m a BIG fan of craft beer, I generally like the middle of the road usually less hoppy and not to strong of a taste. What has this to do with pest control? Read more

    The 30 March 2018 by   Probestpest
  • Pest Professional

    Pest Professional

    Why do most pest  DIY projects fail? Pest Professional – In my opinion the person forgets the scheduling and the next reason is lack of knowledge about pests. Read more

    The 26 March 2018 by   Probestpest
  • Ants


    inside or outside Ants can be a real pain in the tush, they seem to show up at the weirdest or most wacky of times. Most of the time when inside, they can be... Read more

    The 19 March 2018 by   Probestpest