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  • The Magic of Kinako (Roasted Soy Bean Flour)

    Magic Kinako (Roasted Bean Flour)

    As a kid, one of my favorite Japanese foods was sweetened kinako, or roasted soy bean flour. Of course, back then, I had no clue as to what the dry, golden... Read more

    The 14 January 2015 by   Bebeloveokazu
  • Mushroom Sauced Burgers

    Mushroom Sauced Burgers

    The one thing I hated most that my mother cooked when I was growing up was beef burger patties. I loved most of the things she cooked, but when she cooked... Read more

    The 16 January 2015 by   Mariealicerayner
  • Naturally Sweet Apple Pear Snack Cake

    Naturally Sweet Apple Pear Snack Cake

    When I've had a bad week, like most people, comfort foods call my name. I need something to warm my soul. I can hear a whisper in my ear . . . Kristi? Are you... Read more

    The 29 January 2015 by   Krimkus
  • Happy Birthday Graham

    Happy Birthday Graham

    I'm off on my travels today to visit Manchester to see Mum, and my lovely little brother Graham. Together we are going for a meal to celebrate his birthday. Read more

    The 22 January 2015 by   Sue15cat
  • Copycat Wendys Cheddar Broccoli Baked Potato

    Copycat Wendys Cheddar Broccoli Baked Potato

    Hello Everyone, today I bring you a Copy Cat Wendys Cheddar and Broccoli Baked Potato recipe. Years back when my mom was here for awhile we ate at Wendys. Read more

    The 14 January 2015 by   Cookingfromasahm
  • Chai Cheesecake

    Chai Cheesecake

    If you know me personally, then you know I’m obsessed with chai. My love for chai came really early one when I had my first chai latte at Galleon cafe. Read more

    The 20 January 2015 by   Foodmadewithlove
  • Feast of The Epiphany and Golden Magi Bread

    Feast Epiphany Golden Magi Bread

    Today is the Feast of The Epiphany also known as the Feast of Kings, Twelfth Night or the last day of Christmas. This feast not only celebrates the birth of... Read more

    The 04 January 2015 by   Veronica46
  • Cocoa Carrot Cake [Low Fat]

    Cocoa Carrot Cake [Low Fat]

    I love Carrot Cake. It's my number one favourite cake, and probably my number two sweet thing after Tiramisu.When I came to make this cake, however, I was also... Read more

    The 28 January 2015 by   Cakeoftheweek
  • An Evening Over Cigars with Rocky Patel

    Evening Over Cigars with Rocky Patel

    “A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke”…..Rudyard Kipling The above lines might be interpreted by some as a bit of a sexist remark but […] The... Read more

    The 31 January 2015 by   Indian Food Freak
  • Flavors Make the Best Souvenirs-Recipe Using Leftover Torrone

    Flavors Make Best Souvenirs-Recipe Using Leftover Torrone

    copyright 2014 Art of Living, PrimaMedia,Inc/Maria Liberati I am collecting  souvenirs of the winter months here in the mountains of Abruzzo, Italy…. Read more

    The 15 January 2015 by   Marialiberati


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