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Early Morning Darkness

By Sue15cat
Early Morning Darkness
We planted six trees on Saturday and I've been meaning to photograph them for posterity (and you)  but I keep forgetting to take the camera out with me and my phone has had a week of playing silly buggers!
This morning although it was still vaguely dark on our doggie walk around the paddock I did have my camera with me, so these dark and dismal pictures will have to do.  I could nip out now and take some, it's lovely and bright at the moment but as is the way here on this little bit of Welsh hillside the rain is also falling and every now and then keeps trying to be snow ... so I won't bother.
Early Morning Darkness
We have put in three Oak and three Birch, they will be joined soon by some Almond, Walnut and another nut tree whose name completely escapes me (lovely Hubby did the order) and then eventually by a pond, bamboo and reed area.
The big mound that you can just about make out is the pile of nettles roots that we had to dig out to get the area vaguely clear.  I say we .... but we had a little bit of help from Arthur and his little digger, thank goodness for boys and their toys.  No doubt there will still be lots and lots of nettles left but we will keep a beady eye out for them in Spring and zap them as they appear, well after we have picked their tenderest shoots and leaves for nettle soup and nettle pesto, might as well make some use of the little blighters!!
Early Morning Darkness
The area seems so much smaller from halfway up the paddock. 
 If you think our road is always deserted think again, I had to wait ages and takes lots of photos to try and get the pictures 'car free'.
Back tomorrow with some lighter, brighter pictures.
Sue xx

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