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  • Are You Emotional Or Passionate, but Keep It All Inside? Can You Relate? | A...

    Emotional Passionate, Keep Inside? Relate? Question Today.

    This isn't a neutral or happy post... it's an introspective and reflective one. So, if you'd rather not read about feelings, emotions, and mistakes... please... Read more

    The 29 July 2012 by   Roseywinter
  • Japanese Hamburger: Hambaagu Or Hamburg?

    Japanese Hamburger: Hambaagu Hamburg?

    It’s day three of the 2012 London Olympics and I’m slightly at a loss for words. Perhaps it’s exhaustion from our busy weekend (which I will happily share in a... Read more

    The 31 July 2012 by   Bebeloveokazu
  • Vegan Summer Squash Enchiladas

    Vegan Summer Squash Enchiladas

    There are certain foods that I always associate with summer. Homegrown tomatoes so juicy they make your mouth water. Fresh steamed crabs. Corn on the cob. The... Read more

    The 18 July 2012 by   Msadams
  • Sizzler Fried Shrimp

    Sizzler Fried Shrimp

    Now not only in my opinion but this is the suggestions or opinions of great minds in this world. Which all of them say that seafood does give you a ton of healt... Read more

    The 07 July 2012 by   Steve
  • Tabooless Oysters with Mignonette Sauce

    Tabooless Oysters with Mignonette Sauce

    The word oyster is used as a common name for a number of distinct groups of bivalve mollusks which live in marine or brackish habitats. Read more

    The 01 July 2012 by   Weliketocook
  • Sometimes I Just Eat a Bijillion Snacks and Call It Dinner.

    Sometimes Just Bijillion Snacks Call Dinner.

    I know I can always count on all of you to give me the best advice. I’m going to have to rock a hat at the beach for sure, especially since so many of you said... Read more

    The 17 July 2012 by   Marensmorsels
  • Red Lobsters Cheesecake

    Lobsters Cheesecake

    The name of this recipe on healthy lunch ideas contains lobster, but doesn’t mean it contain lobster in this cheesecake. This type of recipe makes you crave... Read more

    The 13 July 2012 by   Steve
  • Diner Food: Tuna Melts and Fries

    Diner Food: Tuna Melts Fries

    One of the things I miss most about New Jersey are all the great diners. Whether you’re there after a late night out packed in the booth with your friends, or... Read more

    The 27 July 2012 by   Take A Bite Out Of Boca
  • Friday Catch Up & Farewell

    Friday Catch Farewell

    This summer is flying by. I have so much to share on my humble little blog, yet so little free time to sit and journal as I would like. Read more

    The 29 July 2012 by   Bebeloveokazu
  • The Taste of Simplicity : : Homemade Ricotta

    Taste Simplicity Homemade Ricotta

    Bruschettas with Fresh Homemade Ricotta Cheese Homemade Ricotta... The first time I made it, I loved it. Yes, as I was telling you before, I finally got... Read more

    The 05 July 2012 by   Aldy M.


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