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Fitness Friday: A Life Worth Breathing Book Review

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

Every now and then I come across a great book with a fitness tie in. I had heard about A Life Worth Breathing and less than 2 weeks later I got an email about reviewing it. Talk about good timing!


A Life Worth Breathing: A Yoga Master's Handbook of Strength, Grace, and Healing


While I am not religious in any way, shape or form this book had a strong spiritual component but I actually really enjoyed that. Max Strom  is a yoga teacher who focuses on teaching us to better understand our present. It can sound a bit out there but there were so many principles that really resonated with me.


The 3 Part Plan to start moving towards that self discovery:

  1. Heal your body.
  2. Calm your mind.
  3. Heal your heart.


Simple things that are incredibly powerful and true. This book has really helped better frame up some emotions and anger from past experiences, some were my fault and some were completely out of my control. I have worked very hard to be a better person and to let the past go. I look to the future instead of leaving in the past. There were way too many people in my life who lived in the past, they never had new experiences, made new friends or tried new things. I took a step back and made sure I surrounded myself with people who were moving forward. I want to make sure I clarify that life isn’t perfect and I don’t expect that of anyone. What I do expect is that if I have an open heart that is filled with joy and thanks the more I can impact those around me. This has made a huge difference! 90% of the time I am incredibly happy, I have the occasional bad days and really noticed that those negative people from my past can very easily bring me down. So I moved on, I try my hardest to make sure there is no contact. It may seem extreme but it works.


I read this book from cover to cover, randomly it is the first non digital book I have read in quite some time. I found myself underlining and highlighting so many things! It isn’t too much about yoga, or religion or any other topic it is just a really great book to help you get to that better spot. I think we all have things we are working on and could use a little guidance.


A few of my favorite quotes from the book-


“In the morning I can’t wake up, in the day I am bored, in the evening I am tired, and at night I can’t sleep” This was me for so long! I choose to change and am so glad I did!


“The choice is simple: to forgive our to resent. Forgiveness brings peace; resentment fosters pain within an eventually expresses itself as a harmful behavior and health issues. It is simply a choice- the choice of your life.” So true on so many levels, it may not necessarily mean forgiving the actions but the person. Move on, leave it in the past or it will never let you move forward.


“The happier you become, the more positively you will affect those around you. The more resentment you hold, the more negatively you will affect others. Be happy, surround yourself with similar people. It really does help and goes along way towards letting you be present.


$15 on Amazon would be money very well spent! My copy is looking pretty beat up and I know it has had an impact.

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