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from Lives, Land Disappears, That Left Heart Made Tears, Smile Golden Tooth Worn Paperblog Pick in Photography

from Our Lives, the Land Disappears, All That is Left is a Heart Made of Tears, from Her Smile a Golden Tooth is Worn

What is art? What defines artwork and who defines it? Can anything be considered art? Does it need a reason, an explanation? What is originality? Is anything purely original? Is... Read more

Artborghi’s Hints Astrophotography Pictures with D800: from Tripod Choice Paperblog Pick in Photography

Artborghi’s 11 Hints for Astrophotography Pictures with D800: from Tripod to ISO Choice

1. Location: choose a shooting place out of cities / airport areas (whatever camera you own). 2. Tripod: buy a sturdy tripod. It will be heavy, but the D800 is heavy too. Read more



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