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  • The Joy of a Gentle Rain. . .

    Gentle Rain.

    After passing a wakeful Saturday night listening for the first sounds of rain and wind and wondering if I should have taken the pots of flowers off the porch... Read more

    The 17 September 2018 by   Vickilane
  • Josie and Her Boy Cousins

    Josie Cousins

    Josie was thrilled to have an overnight visit from three cousins. She thinks it would be nice if they came to the farm every day. These guys are the children... Read more

    The 16 September 2018 by   Vickilane
  • Revisiting The Day of Small Things

    Revisiting Small Things

    Last night I spoke to a MLAS class at UNC- Asheville. What is a MLAS class? I didn't know either but I looked it up. Masters of Liberal Arts and Sciences is "a... Read more

    The 14 September 2018 by   Vickilane
  • Eye on the Sky

    With Hurricane Florence churning her way toward the coast of the Carolinas and the projections showing her influence reaching as far as our mountains,... Read more

    The 12 September 2018 by   Vickilane
  • Anticipation


    All Night by Lisel Mueller All night the knot in the shoelace waits for its liberation, and the match on the table packs its head with anticipation of light. Read more

    The 09 September 2018 by   Vickilane
  • Worth Every Penny

    Worth Every Penny

    We awoke to a partially restored view, eager to see the last of that big elm that the sun is hiding behind. I'd almost forgotten how beautiful the rising mist... Read more

    The 05 September 2018 by   Vickilane
  • Cuttus Interruptus

    Cuttus Interruptus

    The two tree guys (Cruz Tree Service) showed up around nine and worked hard till six and about half of our view is restored!!! It looked like this before they... Read more

    The 04 September 2018 by   Vickilane
  • Getting Ready . . .

    Getting Ready

    The cows have to eat year round so hay in the barn is a good feeling. So are a full freezer and a good woodpile. I've been so busy cleaning up the garden and no... Read more

    The 03 September 2018 by   Vickilane
  • Strøm Festival 2018 – My Visual Diary

    Strøm Festival 2018 Visual Diary

    Strøm festival is without a doubt the highlight of my year when it comes to music and photography. I am honoured that I have been part of the crew, the Strøm... Read more

    The 16 September 2018 by   Flemmingbo
  • Langstrasse Bizarre

    Langstrasse Bizarre

    Langstrasse is the queer side of Zurich, with street prostitution, drug dealers and bizarre shops. Here are the bizarre shops. A night club, maybe? The board... Read more

    The 11 September 2018 by   Artborghi


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