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  • Terriers and El Bulli: Watching Recommendations

    Terriers Bulli: Watching Recommendations

    Text Post Terriers and El Bulli: Watching Recommendations I’ve basically run out of things to watch on Netflix, and our DVR isn’t working, so I’m getting kind o... Read more

    The 15 June 2012 by   Briennewalsh
  • Poetry Starbook

    Poetry Starbook

    As some of you know I have other hobbies. One of them is rubber stamping. this is what several of us in our group created. it is called a star book. the theme... Read more

    The 24 June 2012 by   Stampmouse
  • Beale St., Memphis, TN - A Photographic Retrospective

    Beale St., Memphis, Photographic Retrospective

    Bibliosue and I made it back alive from our Booktopia 2012 - Oxford, MS adventure last weekend, as you'll already have gathered. Read more

    The 23 June 2012 by   Bluestalking
  • Bianca's Picks: The Paintings of Eric White

    Bianca's Picks: Paintings Eric White

    Text Post Bianca’s Picks: The Paintings of Eric White I saw Eric White’s paintings at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery yesterday. Referencing movies set in New York... Read more

    The 06 June 2012 by   Briennewalsh
  • During Lunch with My Family Today, My Mother Mentioned That She...

    During Lunch with Family Today, Mother Mentioned That She...

    Photo Post During lunch with my family today, my mother mentioned that she had found an earring on the floor of Blara’s room. Which actually used to be my... Read more

    The 18 June 2012 by   Briennewalsh
  • This Past Weekend, I Went to MoMA PS1, Where I Stumbled Upon...

    This Past Weekend, Went MoMA PS1, Where Stumbled Upon...

    Photo Post This past weekend, I went to MoMA PS1, where I stumbled upon Janet Cardiff’s installation, The Forty Part Motet. It consists of forty speakers,... Read more

    The 18 June 2012 by   Briennewalsh
  • Transit of Venus

    Transit Venus

    Spectators (below photo) uses an X-ray negative to view the rare transit of Venus (top photo) in Manila June 6, 2012. Engineer Dario dela Cruz, officer in-charg... Read more

    The 07 June 2012 by   Linus
  • Southwestern Canyon Horses

    There are still places in the west where time seems to have stopped. Canyon de Chelly, Arizona is one such place. On our hot trek down the steep canyon walls... Read more

    The 14 June 2012 by   Juliemagerssoulen
  • Corners


    Here in Auckland, there is a retirement village in my neighborhood. The village consists of a mere few oblong and stocky blocks of flats. Read more

    The 04 June 2012 by   Kulesh
  • London Wedding Photography | Preview – Eloise and Hein Holton

    Dewan Demmer PhotographyEloise Hein Holton Date | July.2012 Ceremony and Reception | Makiti, Muldersdrift Wedding Photographer |  Dewan Demmer and Jeanine... Read more

    The 25 June 2012 by   Dewandemmer


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