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German Impressions VIII Paperblog Pick in Home

German Impressions VIII

Welcome to what is probably the longest Impressions... post ever! The overall theme was meant to be water, however, I did sneak in a couplephotos of interior shops I discovered.... Read more

Kenneth Cobonpue Outdoor Furniture Paperblog Pick in Home

Kenneth Cobonpue - Outdoor Furniture

Whenever we stay at a beautifully executed hotel, I'm shameless when it comes to flipping over ottoman's, crawling under the desk in the room, shimming out the armoire - all to... Read more


  • Pretty Bridal Shower Themes by Guest Blogger Jennifer from Arcadian Home Decor

    Pretty Bridal Shower Themes Guest Blogger Jennifer from Arcadian Home Decor

    Hi all! I'm Jennifer and I write for Arcadian Home Decor, a site that specializes intop quality home decor items. I've been writing about home decorsince... Read more

    The 11 August 2011 by   Littlebigcompany1
  • Jitesh Patel - Quilling Artist

    Jitesh Patel Quilling Artist

    To my way of thinking, the expression "age-old art of quilling" perpetuates the myth that paper rolling hasn't kept up with the times. Oh... Read more

    The 08 August 2011 by   Ann Martin
  • Whats HOT Wednesday: Craft Room Ideas

    Whats Wednesday: Craft Room Ideas

    I have a craft room but its lacking in organization and cuteness. So I decided to do today's Whats Hot Wednesday on craft room so that I can get some good... Read more

    The 10 August 2011 by   Curdsnwhey
  • Magical DIY Fairy Door Tutorial ♥

    Magical Fairy Door Tutorial

    Can u imagine taking your little princess (or prince lol) a walk in your local park to suddenly come across something as magical as this. A real fairy life... Read more

    The 13 August 2011 by   Inspiremyhousepretty
  • Professional Arts & Crafts: Gulnas

    Professional Arts Crafts: Gulnas

    I came across Gulnas' Kunstblog (kunst is German for art) after Gulnas commented on a recent post, and found myself clicking through page after page of her... Read more

    The 01 August 2011 by   Ann Martin
  • Handmade Welcome Baby Girl Greeting Card with Paper Quilling

    Handmade Welcome Baby Girl Greeting Card with Paper Quilling

    I made this Welcome Baby Girl greeting card as a custom order for a friend. She wanted a big enough card for atleast ten people to sign and write their... Read more

    The 20 August 2011 by   Craftideas
  • Ana Hagopian - Paper Jewelry

    Hagopian Paper Jewelry

    To my way of thinking, the rich colors and textures of Ana Hagopian's fabulous paper jewelry put a positive spin on the approach of chilly weather. Paper seed... Read more

    The 29 August 2011 by   Ann Martin
  • Inspired Life: Alice and the Cheshire Cat

    Inspired Life: Alice Cheshire

    One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a cat sitting in a tree. “Which road do I take?,” She asked. His response was a question: “Where do you want... Read more

    The 15 August 2011 by   Linsibrownson
  • Quilling by Iron-Maiden-Art

    Quilling Iron-Maiden-Art

    You may have noticed some distinctive quilled designs that have been Stumbling and Tumbling around the internet like wildfire in recent months - a multicolored... Read more

    The 26 August 2011 by   Ann Martin
  • 80's Themed Party

    80's Themed Party

    Table decorations 1980's party check list must havesHeadband sunglasses Hot colored Velcro wallets Friendship Bracelets Slap Bracelets Jelly Bracelets Rubik's... Read more

    The 08 August 2011 by   Corie


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