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The Desk Decision

By Mollyfergurson @mprettystylish
We did major renovations on our new place before moving in and finally, we feel settled. The first few months I was relieved to be in the house, unpacked, and settling back into life. Now that we have crossed that bridge.....time to do some actual decorating.

1. Priority: Office.While living at my parent's house - I was actually bold enough to turn my brother's old room into my own personal dressing room complete with an entire wall of shoes. As you can imagine, my parents were thrilled (and REALLY patient). While making plans for the place my boyfriend and I would share together I had dreams of doing the same thing....he did not agree. I had moved from my parents house to a small 2 bedroom apt in Hoboken, NJ and now back to a residential area with the boyfriend. All I could think was ‘We will have so much space!!’. I was ready to resurrect the shoe wall and set up shop, but he put the kibosh on it before I even started. This was my first little foray into ‘sharing’ things.So now we have an open office area that spills into our dining room, I affectionately call this part of the house ‘the dumping ground’. We both come in from work after a long day and dump all of our bags, shoes, laptop's, kindle etc. in this area. My rationale is that if this area was a little more decorated and put together - we would want to keep it nice and clean. My old, cheap desk will be the first thing to go. I loved all of the desk's below and they would fit in perfectly with our current decor.

The Desk Decision
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1. Winslow Desk, Beso.com
2. Mother of Pearl Desk, ABC Carpet and Home
3. Garment Factory Desk, Restoration Hardware
4. Ava Desk, Pottery Barn
5. Calvin Klein Home Desk, ABC Carpet and Home 

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