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World Record Most Sets of LEGOS: 1,250 Sets Cover Every Surface at Home - YumaSun

By Dotpattern @collectinghobby
Yuma man aims to set record with LEGO collection, sets, ugone, set - News - YumaSun
World Record most sets of LEGOS: 1,250 sets cover every surface at home - YumaSun
"Ugone currently has about 1,250 completed sets all throughout his home. The sets literally cover just about ever usable surface in his house — bedrooms, living room and den.
He has built spaceships, railroads, pirate ships, castles, Star Wars figurines, robots, and just about every other set imaginable.
Above his living room mantel sits the Death Star, Darth Vader's TIE fighter, an X-Wing, and a bust of Darth Maul. Several Millennium Falcons rest on his kitchen counter. Altogether, Ugone estimates the sets are worth at least $50,000.
“Nobody really displays their sets is what apparently makes me unique,” Ugone said. “There are people out there with a bunch of sets but they are all in boxes and shipped away somewhere. I decided I wanted to display.”
On Saturday, LEGO expert Ash Nickle came to Ugone's house in Yuma from California to verify the authenticity of the sets, while City of Yuma Councilmember Cody Beeson witnessed the tally process to make it officially acceptable to the Guinness judges.
Nickle said the huge collection of completed sets is rare."
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