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Vignette Still Life Around Home Paperblog Pick in Home

Vignette and Still Life Around the Home

Creating vignettes and accessorizing is probably the most fun you can have decorating. The possibilities are many, and if you use found object and things you already have,... Read more

Unique DIY’s Paperblog Pick in Home

5 Unique DIY’s to Try

In the realm of ever-popular DIY projects like upcycled wood headboards, chevron-printed-everythings and fabric headbands galore, I love a fun idea that stands outside the norm. A... Read more


  • 10 DIY Outdoor Projects

    Outdoor Projects

    Since I've been spending a lot of my time outdoors, I thought I'd share some super DIY outdoor projects with you that I've come across. These are my top 10... Read more

    The 07 June 2012 by   Vixenmade
  • Vanity Sanity

    Vanity Sanity

    Ambience is key.  Everyone needs a proper place of preparation.  With the pitter-patter of rain outside I couldn’t help but be drawn to imagining better spaces... Read more

    The 26 June 2012 by   Blessmybag
  • DIY Baby Boy Onesies

    Baby Onesies

    I’m starting to get the reputation among family and friends as the person who brings homemade gifts. While it’s cute that my gifts have left a “lasting”... Read more

    The 21 June 2012 by   Msadams
  • FPF: Printable Wall Art

    FPF: Printable Wall

    For anyone searching for some great wall art prints, today I got some awesome freebies for you today! I'm excited to use a few of these.Enjoy!!Big D Me share... Read more

    The 15 June 2012 by   Vixenmade
  • A Beatles Themed Yellow Submarine Party by Eleven Event Stories

    Beatles Themed Yellow Submarine Party Eleven Event Stories

    Kristy from Eleven Event Stories themed a party for her son's birthday around the Beatles song "Yellow Submarine"Kristy loves to bake, make, craft and her... Read more

    The 23 June 2012 by   Littlebigcompany1
  • DIY - Paper Roses Twigs

    Paper Roses Twigs

    I am so much happy today. I made this nice thing with my younger brother. Yeah, he helped. I had been asking him to bring some twigs for me out from the garden... Read more

    The 28 June 2012 by   Sweetheartdiary
  • Free Crochet Seashell and Coral Patterns

    Free Crochet Seashell Coral Patterns

    In my previous post, I spoke about the crochet coral exhibit that will be on display at Florida Craftsmen starting tomorrow. Today, while I was on their... Read more

    The 07 June 2012 by   Tampabaycrochet
  • Nyan Cat Lives! Nine Cute Real Live Nyan Cats

    Nyan Lives! Nine Cute Real Live Cats

    How many lives would a real live Nyan Cat have if a real live Nyan Cat would really be alive? Nine, of course! These nine real live Nyan Cats show what happens... Read more

    The 25 June 2012 by   Petslady
  • Stray Pink Chinese Crested Hairless Dog Sparks Minor Panic

    Stray Pink Chinese Crested Hairless Sparks Minor Panic

    Residents of Xinxiang may have gotten used to having a medical research center on the edge of town but when a pink-skinned, piebald, scraggly-haired beast was... Read more

    The 13 June 2012 by   Petslady
  • Primula Sikkimensis – Fasciation

    Primula Sikkimensis Fasciation

    My growing addiction to Primulas has resulted in me starting to buy some more unusual varieties. One of this year’s purchases was Primula sikkimensis from Kevoc... Read more

    The 21 June 2012 by   Patientgardener