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  • Chelsea Flower Show 2015 – A Crowded Affair

    Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Crowded Affair

    We visited Chelsea this year on a jam packed sunny Thursday. The earlier wind and rain of the first three days gave way to sunshine and by the time we arrived a... Read more

    The 29 May 2015 by   Gardeningjules
  • Pier 46, Hudson River Park, New York

    Pier Hudson River Park, York

    Hudson River Park ‘Pier 46′, New York, USA – Side View of PierLocated on the west shore of Manhattan, from Hells Kitchen, past Chelsea and Greenwich... Read more

    The 27 May 2015 by   Davis Landscape Architecture
  • End of Month View -May 2015

    Month View -May 2015

    This post is a day early but as I have found time to sit down and write this post I thought I would post it today. I don’t write as many blog posts these days s... Read more

    The 30 May 2015 by   Ronniejt28
  • Shopping at the Chelsea Flower Show

    Shopping Chelsea Flower Show

    Although you can’t buy plants at Chelsea (except for very little ones) there are plenty of shopping opportunities – and if you don’t feel like lugging your... Read more

    The 21 May 2015 by   Danielcarruthers
  • Flowers in the Garden Early May

    Flowers Garden Early

    Oh, how glorious gardens are when the flowers start appearing. Looking back on blog posts in previous years everything in my garden is a week or two later than... Read more

    The 10 May 2015 by   Ronniejt28
  • Tulip Disappointment

    Tulip Disappointment

    It’s all looking a little funereal in the front garden. I was aiming for a bright and perky extravaganza that I’ve sometimes achieved in the past (just think... Read more

    The 03 May 2015 by   Outofmyshed
  • Yellow Columbine – Aquilegia Flavescens

    Yellow Columbine Aquilegia Flavescens

    I was looking through my notes and realized I’ve edited but never shared several sets of wildflowers from my various trips. So I thought I’d start catching up... Read more

    The 27 May 2015 by   Pattyhankins
  • A Few Members of the Asparagus Family

    Members Asparagus Family

    Continuing my series of posts of photos that have been sitting unposted on my hard drive . . . I thought I’d share a few photos I’ve taken of the asparagus... Read more

    The 29 May 2015 by   Pattyhankins
  • Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia

    Bonaventure Cemetery Savannah, Georgia

    If you think about the classic southern cememtery with trees covered with Spanish Moss, Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia is probably the cemetery you... Read more

    The 13 May 2015 by   Pattyhankins
  • Hurrah for Self-seeders!

    Hurrah Self-seeders!

    These gorgeous Aquilegias (aka columbines, Granny’s bonnets) seemed to have exuberantly increased since last year (all on their own), and post spring bulbs, hav... Read more

    The 29 May 2015 by   Outofmyshed


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