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  • Fabulous & Fearless Women: Sylvia Mac, Love Disfigure

    Fabulous Fearless Women: Sylvia Mac, Love Disfigure

    It was at the age of 48 that our next Fabulous and Fearless women, Sylvia Mac made a courageous turning point in her life… At the age of four Sylvia suffered a... Read more

    The 14 September 2018 by   Hollie Brooks
  • Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Sept 2018

    Garden Bloggers Bloom Sept 2018

    TithoniaThe Tithonia are the stars of the Big Border at the moment.  I am really pleased with them having grown them from seed. Read more

    The 16 September 2018 by   Patientgardener
  • Walking on the Edge

    Walking Edge

    As someone who lives in the landlocked Midlands, time spent by the sea is always very special. I am not one for sitting on beaches for hours soaking up the... Read more

    The 16 September 2018 by   Ozhene
  • Glee 2018 - Gardening Products to Look out for in the Coming Year

    Glee 2018 Gardening Products Look Coming Year

    This year I made a flying visit to glee in Birmingham, I did not want to miss it completely but for various reasons my time was short. I worked on the premise... Read more

    The 13 September 2018 by   Ozhene
  • Tree-following -September 2018

    Tree-following -September 2018

    Here we are in September and its time for the Quince Count, which is a source of great joy for me. Let us begin: 3, 4, 5, 6 quince (trust me, there are four... Read more

    The 09 September 2018 by   Ozhene
  • Two Days at the Beth Chatto Symposium

    Days Beth Chatto Symposium

    Earlier this year a friend pointed me in the direction of the Beth Chatto Symposium which was being held in honour of Beth Chatto with a theme of Ecological... Read more

    The 06 September 2018 by   Ozhene
  • End of Month Review - August 2018

    Month Review August 2018

    August has been, well, how do I describe this after such an odd weather year...... August has been normal. It has been rather nice because of this. We have ha... Read more

    The 02 September 2018 by   Ozhene
  • Six on Saturday 15/09/2018 – Mottistone Gardens

    Saturday 15/09/2018 Mottistone Gardens

    In a bid to avoid repetition of previous Six on Saturday posts, I was delighted when I checked the participant guide that a six could include a garden visited. Read more

    The 15 September 2018 by   Ronniejt28
  • Six on Saturday – 08/09/2018

    Saturday 08/09/2018

    Hello people, I’m back again! Life took a bit of a dip recently after the death of my Dad and I lost interest in everything including blogging! Read more

    The 08 September 2018 by   Ronniejt28
  • The Plot Keeps on Giving

    Plot Keeps Giving

    The balance of labour versus results has definitely been in my favour recently, at the Courtmoor plot. In the early part of the year I did a lot of work there,... Read more

    The 16 September 2018 by   Mwillis


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